New Year’s Resolution: Getting Your Business More Organized


Have you decided on your New Year’s resolution yet? If not, make it the following: to get your business more organised. If most business owners are honest, this is something that most of us need to do. After all, it is easy for standards to slip and organisation to spiral out of control. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make your business more organised for 2018.

  • Move your documents online – Do you still keep paper versions of all of your files and documents? If so, now is the ideal time to consider document management software. Not only will this free up space in your office, but also it will make it easier for you to search and retrieve the documents you need. Plus, you will be helping the environment too! A lot of business owners assume that moving their documents online is risky business. However, you simply need to choose software with in-built security features and make sure you back everything up.
  • De-clutter – If you are going to achieve a more organised business, de-cluttering is a must. Get rid of all of the things you don’t need, and encourage your employees to do the same. You can apply Feng Shui principles for effective de-cluttering. This is an old-age Chinese system, but there are many elements that are down-to-earth, which is why it has become a popular approach today.
  • Start planning for your next tax year – Do you always leave your business’ tax commitments until the last minute? If so, make an effort to get on top of this as soon as possible. You will thank yourself in the end, as you won’t have a last minute dash as you struggle to find all of the paperwork you need.
  • Get rid of office supplies you haven’t used in the past year – This links in with the point about de-cluttering. However, a lot of business owners tend to hold onto office supplies, just in case they need them at some point. If you haven’t used the supplies in question within the last year, it is unlikely that you are going to use them in the following year, so get rid.
  • Only use one calendar – If you are like most, you will use several calendars to keep track of things. This can confuse matters and make life more difficult for yourself. Instead, select one that works for you, be it a paper one on your desk or the calendar app on your smartphone.
  • Perfect your project management – Finally, get your projects in order for 2018. No matter the size of your business, this is of paramount importance. Make an effort to establish project milestones and make the most of project management software so that you can organise data and documents and coordinate communication.

So there you have it: some of the best ways to get your business more organised for the year ahead. This will be the best New Year’s resolution you have ever had!


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