What Your Online Store Can Learn From Amazon’s Awesome App


Amazon is one of the internet’s biggest success stories. It’s the second most-visited website (after China’s Taobao), and it really is the place you can get everything. Off the back of a popular website, came a popular app that’s way ahead of the competition. What makes the Amazon app so successful, and how can you borrow from that success? Read on and discover what makes the Amazon app so great to inspire your own retail app.

About The Amazon App

Amazon is the most popular retail app in the US. By a longshot. In July this year, there were 74.15 million users of the Amazon app. The second was Walmart, trailing in at not even a close second at 33.68 million. With figures like that behind you – you’ve got to be doing something right, and the Amazon app certainly has some qualities that you’ll want to think about including in your own retail app.

Effective Synchronization

People today are always connected. They’re online from the moment they wake up to the moment they sleep, and life becomes easier when everything is linked. Whether you’re accessing Amazon on a web browser or a phone – the experience is seamless and hassle-free,  and you can pick up exactly where you left off. The app will know what you’ve been searching for, what’s in your basket and it looks the same too. If you’re designing a mobile app to accompany your retail business, you’ll need to make sure it offers everything your website does and incorporates that exact same look and feel.

Find Your Own Prime

One of the things that makes Amazon so great is Amazon Prime. For a flat fee, people can enjoy free 1-day shipping on the things they love – and that makes a huge difference. Amazon offers Prime because it can afford to, but you shouldn’t bankrupt your business to try and do the same.

However, if you can offer something unique through your app that draws customers in, you’ll be onto a winner. If you want to offer deals on shipping, you’ll need a good scale like the Intercomp PT300 to help you work out if it’s worth your while. Think offers through before you put them out into the world, and don’t be caught out by something that could cost you more than what you make.

Keep Customers Happy

Businesses need to connect with their customers online to keep them happy and to ensure loyalty, and that’s something Amazon manages well. Fast and effective contact with customers through their app means issues get resolved quickly, with a better chance that customers will return to make future purchases. Make sure that your app has effective customer contact options to help them get in touch with you easily, and make sure you respond.

Amazon may be a retail supergiant, but there are still things you can learn from them to help your own small business to grow online. Whatever you’re selling, make sure that the retail app you design is worthwhile to customers and includes the right features to help strengthen your online retail business.


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