Why Pilots Have The Best Job Ever


Whether you’re contemplating a new career, or you just get fascinated by planes every time you travel, there are so many amazing things about the role of being a pilot. If you have expectations that you want filled, flying will not only meet them, but exceed them.

Now although you can expect pilots to be paid well, this isn’t what drives them. What drives them is waking up everyday knowing that they are off to fly a plane through the clouds. If that isn’t incentive enough, what is?  If you need more convincing, here are all of the top reasons why pilots have one of the best jobs in the world.

Better Transport

When you have the option of driving your car or flying your plane, is there really any competition? If you need to take a long trip that will take you five hours in the car – a pilot can go in a small plane instead that will take a third of the time.

Exclusive Member

You become a member of a special elite group of people that not everyone can be part of. Only 0.2 percent of America owns a pilot’s license, so if you do become a pilot, you’d be a lucrative VIP.

It’s Magical

The act of flying is an unexplainable sensation. You’re able to fly through the sky, way up above the clouds and other civilization, and you’re in peace. With the ground hundreds and thousands of feet beneath you. There’s no comparison to this feeling other than magic.

Reality Check

It reminds you of how small we actually are in this vast universe. It puts many things into perspective, and yet while being so small, look at the things we’re able to achieve.


You learn the ins and outs of every flight craft you fly, from the wings, wheels and fuel tank, right down to the little details like material handling roller bearings, pylon, and trailing-edge flaps. You’d be surprised at how much information the brain is able to store and remember.


Know that being a pilot isn’t something that everybody does. You have to be extremely skilled in able to do it. This means that if and when you get there – you’ve accomplished something great, and not many people can say the same.


Learning to fly is only the beginning, you’ve barely even gotten through the first chapter – there is so much more to come, so many more adventures to go on. Just think of the stories you’ll be able to tell as time goes on.


Being a pilot isn’t just a job. The things that you learn are all skills that can be used in your personal life. Anything from discipline, or the ability to be more tolerant with others, and being aware of your surroundings and knowing exactly what’s going on around you.

Better Decisions

Pilots are taught to assess every possible situation and outcome in order to find the best solution. They have to make important decisions, but not only that – they don’t have a lot of time to make them as they often have to be quick. The more you fly, the more you will learn about the sky and how to navigate your way around it.

Well Paid

If you take on the role of becoming a commercial pilot, you will have to learn a variety of difficult skills in which will reward you with a very nice income. A pilot’s salary isn’t one to be messed with.

It’s Exciting

The buzz a pilot gets every time he or she steps into that aircraft is indescribable. Being able to feel that power beneath you that then shoots forward and starts to climb. That’s a rush that not everyone can experience first hand like a pilot. The same goes for the landing.

The First Time

There’s nothing like setting out on your own for the first time in the aircraft. The experience of flying solo will be one that stays with you forever. It’s that moment of realizing that you’re the only one who can bring you back home – it’s a mix of fear and excitement wrapped into one.


When you’re a pilot, you can decide to fly wherever, whenever and however you want (within reason of course!) This gives you an awful lot of independence and freedom to take off as you please.

Fight Fears

If you once said that you were afraid of heights, becoming a pilot will soon get rid of that. You have no option but to deal with it when you’re thousands of feet in the sky. No matter how scary it may be at first, you’ll soon fall in love with it.

The Destinations

Regardless of whether you’re traveling around the region, the country, or the world – you will experience so many different places, paradises, and people as you do so.

The Challenge

The joy doesn’t start when you have your license – it starts on your first day of school. If learning to fly was easy, the fun and edge would be taken from it. The challenge in itself to learn is what makes everything so much more rewarding.

The Culture

There are so many new things that you have the chance to learn and see, even more so than others because you can just take off and fly to another country yourself. You will develop new appreciation for all other cultures out there besides your own.

The View

If you like views of the sunset and sunrise, nothing can beat seeing it from the pilot seat. The pictures you’ll see whether that be when flying over land or sea will make you realize just how beautiful the world is.

So as you can see, there are so many different benefits to becoming a pilot, and whether you want to go down this route or not – you can at least understand and appreciate what a pilot does.


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