Plain Sailing: Could Your Business Negotiate These Icebergs?


Every business owner encounters obstacles, but most would rather try and navigate their way around a mill pond than a stormy sea. The key to survival in business is often having the ability to respond to problems quickly or preferably, to prevent them in the first place. If you’re hoping that your voyage into the world of business will be plain sailing, it’s worth asking if your business could overcome a clash with these metaphorical icebergs.

Natural Disasters

Sometimes, there’s no way of taking on Mother Nature and emerging victorious, but there are ways you can try and reduce the impact of natural disasters. If your company is based in an area where adverse weather conditions are commonplace, it’s worth investing in measures that will protect both material goods and items and virtual property.

Consider what you would do if your office was destroyed by hurricane force winds or floods? Would you be able to claim insurance and could you find important data you’ve collected over the years? So many companies rely on software and systems, and if you don’t already have support services like those offered by Windward IT Consulting, it’s worth looking at your options. You may not be able to escape damage caused by storms, but you can put yourself in a position where you can respond and recover as quickly as possible.

Technical Issues

In this day and age, a technical fault can put a company out of business. We rely on machinery, equipment and computers for all kinds of tasks and if the daily running of the business is interrupted, this can be incredibly costly. Consider the impact of your website being down all day if you run an online clothing store or a technical issue ceasing production at a factory.

It’s not always possible to avert disasters, and no form of technology is immune to hiccups. However, it is wise to be prepared and to do everything possible to minimize disruption. Make sure you have a plan B in place, invest in the latest technology and enlist the services of companies that can provide urgent assistance.


In years gone by, company owners were preoccupied with securing business premises, but today, theft doesn’t just relate to goods or equipment. Managers also have to consider the possibility of data theft and cybercrime. As well as taking steps to secure offices, warehouses and retail units, you should also make sure your systems are safe to reduce the risk of hackers being able to access data and sensitive information. If you don’t have an IT department and you’re not up to speed with the potential risks and implications of cyber attacks, it’s worth seeking professional advice.

Running a business is never easy, but you can make the waters slightly less choppy by being prepared and thinking ahead. It may be possible to prevent business disasters, but if this isn’t the case, make sure you’re in the best position to minimize the impact and get back on track. If you don’t think you could survive a run-in with these obstacles, now is the time to act.


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