Prepaid Reloadable Card For Business?


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Reloadable debit cards have become a much more viable option over the last few years. In the past, people struggled with these cards. They were difficult to load, and the aggressive fees made them untenable for people on a budget. That’s changed, though, as today, a cardholder can put money on in a hurry without spending too much money. That’s why more people are using a reloadable prepaid Visa to handle monthly expenses or control spending.

Reloadable Cards For Business Travel

When you travel you take the risk of losing your wallet and having your debit/credit cards falling into the wrong hands.  The criminal would access to all of your personal and business accounts.  But if you use a reloadable card then you limit your risk to only what you have on the card.  This means that you can add only what you need for the trip on the card and leave your other cards at home.

The Are Many Ways To Load A Card

Changes are on the way for people with reloadable cards.  Now, they can have their paycheck put directly on the card. In addition, they can use popular online money transfer sites to add cash. In some cases, they can do it all online without ever having to leave home. There are plenty of ways to add cash, and that’s taken care of one of the major criticisms often associated with these cards in the past.

More Reasonable Fees Make Reloadable Cards Viable

When you see most prepaid debit cards, you’ll see that the fees make them difficult to handle. If you’re only using a card one time, then it makes little sense to pay five or six bucks. Reloadable cards let you use the same card over and over, and this reduces the fees significantly. With more reasonable fees, you’re able to save money and move yourself forward financially. This is one of the top reasons why these cards have long been the choice for college students and those in debt.


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