Preparing Your Garden For The Winter Months


It’s that time of the year again; the days are getting shorter, the weather is a lot worse, and the leaves are falling from the trees. We know winter is coming – it happens every year – yet it still manages to surprise us. Some people love this season; others absolutely hate it. I’m not too fussed either way, but it does bring about a few concerns for the homeowners among us. 

Obviously, when the temperature drops and the sun disappears, nothing grows well in your garden. To make matters worse, the weather can wreak havoc on your lovely outdoor space, undoing all the hard work you put in throughout the spring/summer. Therefore, I’ve put together a mini-guide for preparing your garden for the winter months. 

Remove any debris and dead plants

Your garden will be filled with debris during this time of year. Two main culprits come along – loose leaves and dead plants. As summer draws to a close and we get deep into autumn, lots of your plants begin to die. You can’t leave them there as it clutters up your garden and makes it look like a wasteland. The same goes for the autumnal leaves: you have to start your preparations by getting rid of them. 

Start readying the soil for spring

It sounds like a very early time to do this, but the sooner you prepare your soil, the better. Too many people wait until the start of spring to do this, meaning you can go a few weeks before the soil is ready to grow anything. Whether you like planting flowers or other plants, you need the soil to be ready when the seasons change. So, do a bit of digging and fill the soil with all the necessary nutrients to help it through the cold winter months. 

Arm yourself against any snow

Snow is your worst enemy during this season. It lies on your grass and freezes everything, causing patches and loads of muddy areas. So, you want to be ready when it hits. The best idea is to get a snowblower that will effortlessly remove any snow from your garden as soon as it arrives. It works like a leaf blower, only its a sit-down machine that’s far more powerful. You can remove loads of snow from your garden – and around your house – in a matter of minutes. Before deciding to buy anything, be sure you find more information on snowblowers and snowblower maintenance online. Realistically, this is all you can do to arm yourself against the snow as it’s impossible to prevent. You can’t cover your garden, so you have to be ready to kick into action when the snow falls. 

These three tips will help you prepare your garden for the cold winter months. Essentially, you need to remove any debris, prepare the soil, and get ready to disperse snow. All of this will come together to maintain a beautiful garden that’s ready for action as soon as the weather warms up.

(Cover Image Source: Pexels)


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