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A new app is now available in the  app store which turns your iPhone, iPod, or iPad into a cool video monitoring system.  ManyThing features live video recording, motion detection, and more.

This is pretty cool if you want to monitor something like your office but don’t really need a full blown security system.  I could see it being handy if you want to know if your office mate is stealing your coffee or reading your email.  Just leave your iPhone on the shelf with ManyThing turned on.

The founders behind a number of successful technology and consumer product companies have now come up with a new way of using smartphone video to monitor anything. It’s called Manything.

Manything turns iPhones, iPods or iPads into video monitoring cameras with live feeds, unlimited recording, motion detection, and more. The free app is available to download now from the UK App Store and the service is launching with free storage for up to 24 hours of recording.

Manything co-founder James West said, “We built this for people who want to monitor stuff but don’t want the hassle and expense of buying special equipment. Manything uses the camera you already own and takes seconds to install. The result is an instant video monitoring solution that, thanks to our ability to run on battery and switch between WiFi and cellular networks, is more powerful and resilient than your average CCTV system.”

Here’s the cool thing.  Let’s say you have an old iPhone or iPod Touch lying around.  You can re-purpose it to use ManyThing and you’ve got a dedicated video monitoring device.

Retired smartphones are about to become a big opportunity as people move onto their second or third devices. For example, iPhone 3GS devices will not be upgradable to Apple’s new iOS 7 this fall, meaning that many of these highly capable devices with great connectivity and cameras will be left at the back of a drawer.

James accepts that not everyone has a spare device in their drawer but points out that “the numbers of smart devices out there are so massive that even after you’ve taken out all the people who sell their old devices on eBay, there’s still a large number left lying around not doing anything.”

ManyThing appears to be different from similar apps because it lets you continuously stream and record video and also detect motion and sound.  Pretty cool app.  Be sure to look for a full review soon on Small Biz Dad.  Here is the rest of the press release and a link to their website.

And what sets Manything apart? James comments, “There are plenty of apps that let you send video straight to the cloud (Vine, Viddy, Bambuser, etc), but Manything represents a completely new category – to stream and record video continuously, to survive network and power outages, to detect motion and sound, and easily create clips of the highlights to share.”

Further details on Manything, including how to get started, supported browsers, recommended accessories and the team, can be found at

For further information and interviews please contact:

Joanna Santander, Head of Business Development, Manything
T:    +44 (0)1235 827413
M: +44 (0)7780 458 987
E:     Joanna.santander(at)manything(dot)com

About Manything

Manything is an innovative new service that, through its app, turns your iOS device into a WiFi video camera. Manything records and streams your video via the cloud to your account in where you can watch remotely in real-time, view recorded sessions and make and share clips.

Manything provides an easy-to-use and instant way to watch things when you can’t be there, track the wildlife visiting your garden, inspire the kids, secure your home and capture and share special moments.

Manything is available for download from App Store in the UK and will be available in the US and worldwide from 15th July 2013.

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