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Below is a press release regarding MedZine for Android and iOS.  This app allows physicians to create a customized news source on whichever fields/topics they choose.

Amsterdam – March 19, 2013
International medical publishing company Medix Publishers is now launching an international version of its authoritative medical news generation app MedZine which is exclusively designed for healthcare professionals. More than 8000 Dutch professionals are already using MedZine to generate a relevant selection of news in their own field of expertise from thousands of international medical sources. MedZine can be downloaded at no cost from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

MedZine makes it easy for medical specialists to create their own real-time magazine. After entering one or more of the 47 specialized medical fields, MedZine is continuously and automatically updated to include the most recent news found in authoritative international medical sources that include scientific publications, societies and other highly respected sources. By making use of smart semantic technology, MedZine ensures that the HCP can browse the latest medical news quickly and easily. Each article can then be shared immediately by e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Medzine uses sources which are selected by physicians and not magazine editors.  This should ensure that the content is relevant and what physicians are actually looking to read.

Editorial board

The sources used for the app are carefully selected by an editorial board consisting of 25 physicians from various special fields. This assures the medical specialist of access to relevant, reliable news.

Rob Koenraads, Director, Medix Publishers B.V., wants this app to make it easier and faster for physicians to acquire information. ‘A medical specialist is constantly occupied and running from one place to another. There are so many sources of information, but none that do what health care professionals really want: continuously scan the latest medical news and publish it in a single magazine. This is why we developed this international medical news generation app. The prescriber thus remains conveniently informed of the latest medical news relevant to his or her own specialty.’

MedZine can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices at the App Store and Google Play Store.

For more information about MedZine, visit or watch the video.
Contact: R. Koenraads – [email protected]


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