Reasons Your Small Business Should Use A VoIP System


Most people will have heard of VoIP and considered if it is the right choice for their business.  VoIP has revolutionized telephony for businesses of all sizes. 

In simple terms, it allows you to transmit voice over a standard data network without the need for a traditional landline.  In the earlier days of the technology, it had a bit of a reputation for poor call quality or dropped calls but due to high-speed internet connections, this is no longer the case. 

It is projected that by the end of 2021, there will be over 3 billion VoIP users worldwide.  

It is the perfect solution for small businesses for a number of reasons including: 

Easy to set up and manage

A VoIP system is very easy to set up and configure in comparison to a more traditional landline. Speak to a VoIP Services Provider to establish which system will work best for your business. 

Cloud-based systems allow for adding users and changing system configurations to be made as and when required. 


A VoIP system is much cheaper to set-up and run than a traditional phone system.  It is estimated that small businesses will save up to 90% in start-up costs and 40% on local call charges (Source:

Calls between PCs, using an internet connection are usually free, saving money on call costs.  Calls from VoIP systems to landlines or cellphones will cost money, but at a reduced rate. 

Businesses no longer need to pay and maintain separate lines for data and phones.  

Support is often part of your VoIP service contract so it will save additional costs on further IT support.  


One of the greatest benefits of VoIP is that it gives you the option of scaling up as the needs of your business change.  You only pay for the services you need, meaning that you can increase demand during busy periods. 

Better customer service

You can set up a VoIP system to mean you never miss a call.  Call routing and recording can give your customers a seamless experience when contacting your company, giving you a professional edge, no matter your size. 

Improved user flexibility and mobility 

A recent survey discovered that 70% of professionals worked remotely at least once a week.  With more users working remotely or traveling, you need a system that can adapt easily.  VoIP technology integrates with a number of different software systems such as CRM, conferencing, email, file sharing and messaging systems. Your business can go wherever you do. 


Dispersed workforces can benefit from a VoIP system’s ability to integrate with other business-critical systems and services such as voicemail, video conferencing, presence awareness and instant messaging. 


Data security is much better than standard analog systems due to its built-in encryption. 

Doing business in today’s world means adopting up to date technology that allows your business to grow and thrive, and your workforce to connect seamlessly.  With a VoIP system, you’re able to do that, for significantly less.

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