Running A Clean & Efficient Trade Show Offering


Trade shows are filled with potential. Either you capitalize on that potential, or you allow other businesses to completely steal your thunder. Still, this isn’t as easy as simply willing your show is conducted smoothly. In order to run a smooth and clean trade show, you need to take care of a bunch of small considerations. We’re here with some solid advice to keep you effective in your goal setting, and to come back with a tangible benefit for your business having been accomplished.


Your stall needs to be clean, organized, and divided away from the other businesses at the same event. This is because ideally, when an audience member visits your stall, they should forget about all the other offerings around them. This means they need to manoeuvre well into your divided space, and have room to breath.

Using an event display marquee can help divide the visitors in such a way that allows for a pleasant movement experience for a visitor as they read what you have to offer. If you get this right, and you design the space in an attractive manner, then people will be naturally drawn to your space.


The space you keep is secondary to the quality of the people you have presenting your brand. If you are troubled in your efforts of finding presenters in-house, then don’t be afraid to invest in actors or business specialists able to truly communicate your idea towards a wider platform. If you’re able to do this, then you’ll find your overall strategy is communicated attentively, memorably and in an approachable and friendly manner.

Presenting your brand is important when you have something important to say, so make sure you craft a script and allow your actors to use the best of their ability to gain a client rapport. These commissioned experts will be temporary ambassadors of your brand, so be sure to truly define with them how you’d like them to behave as they try to drum up future business.


If there’s one thing a trade show visitor enjoys more than seeing new and innovative brands, it’s being given free merchandise. It doesn’t matter whose logo is on the merchandise, what matters is that they’re being given it for free. Make sure your merch is better than all of the rest, and you will advertise your brand around the entire show and beyond.

Try to opt for custom made goodies that people desire, such as t-shirts, hoodies or even hats. Stationary can work too, but it’s less effective than visibly branded clothes. If you get enough people walking around the show with your freebies, then people will naturally remember your brand name and come to see what your stall is all about.

With these tips, and a little wisdom, you are sure to enjoy a successful trade show. Be sure to collect the contact information of those who are truly interested in your idea, and you may have an even stronger support network for your first product or service launch.



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