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Add A Corporate Clothing Policy

Most companies are aware of how beneficial corporate uniform can be. It is a great branding method, it makes employees feel unified and it increases customer experience too. However, in order to reap these gains and ensure your employees look professional, you need to make sure you find the best uniform supplier.

The most important aspect you need to look out for when choosing a uniform supplier is experience. You need to be safe in the knowledge that the company in question has supplied many companies with their service before. This is the only way you can be assured that you are going to benefit from a quality corporate uniform.

In addition to this you need to make sure that branding is a major part of the service the company provides. It is no good going for a plain black uniform; you need to ensure you have your logo incorporated or some way of marketing your company. If you don’t then you are missing out on a massive opportunity to advertise your company and increase your level of exposure. The best uniform suppliers have a branding consultation with their customers before the design and manufacturing process beings.

Furthermore, you also need to make sure that the supplier has the capacity to provide uniform for your industry specifically. Essentially this means that they must be flexible. You shouldn’t have to compromise. If you work in the travel industry for example, then you need a company who can provide you with uniforms that are ideal for warm weather.

And last but not least, it is always a recommended idea to check out the company’s accreditation. This information should be readily available on the supplier’s website. If they have accreditation in place then your mind should be put at ease substantially because it proves that the company provides a quality service.

If you use the four points that have been mentioned in this blog post, then you should have no trouble finding the best uniform supplier for your business specifically. Remember to check accreditations, look for experience, make sure the company is versatile and that they can incorporate branding too.

Use Airflow Management Blanking Panels In Your Data Room

Achieving optimum rack cooling performance is something that all data rooms strive towards. However, it is not an easy task and a lot of companies are failing in their quest to accomplish high rack cooling performance. One of the main reasons why this is the case is because the heated exhaust air is often permitted to return to the air inlet of the equipment. The evident result of this is overheating.

It is consequently imperative that your data centre is designed in order to minimise this problem by preventing your servers from drawing heated air. There are many different ways of achieving this. One of the most recommended solutions to go for is the utilisation of airflow management blanking panels. They can help you to easily, effectively and efficiently handle this problem.

What is a blanking panel? This is quite simply a device that is mounted when there is unused rack space. They are essential when it comes to filling vertical spaces that are empty. If they are used then they will promote proper air flow. However, if you fail to take advantage of this device then you will find that improper cooling arises and as mentioned in the introduction thermal damage is a real possibility. All you need to do is cover the gaps with blanking panels to avoid this problem. It is as simple as that.

It really is quite a simple concept. Let’s first picture a server cabinet without the installation of airflow management blanking panels. You have servers in place at the bottom and the top of the rack, however there is a section in the middle that is absent of any server and thus is unused. What happens here is that the heat leaves the rack and then it will come back into the cabinet because the space has not been shut off and a vicious circle arises. But if you use a blanking panel then this will shut off the unused space. Thus, when heat leaves the rack it has no way of coming back in because the unused U space is shut off.

You may be thinking “sounds easy, so why aren’t people utilising airflow management blanking panels as frequently as they should be?” This is a good question and there are two significant factors that play a role. One is the sheer lack of knowledge regarding this device. Only experienced companies like leading VDR provider Smartroom seem to have this advanced knowledge.

If you ask the majority of data centre owners about it then you can bet your bottom dollar that quite a few think this product is only on the market for aesthetic appeal. The second reason is because the installation process is not as easy as many would like. It takes time and can present difficulty because of the components used. Human error would be very damaging because this is a device that needs to be screwed in and thus a lot of people would prefer not to take the risk.

Nevertheless, why not have the blanking panels professionally installed? At the end of the day, it is so important to boast effective rack cooling performance. Without this your data centre is going to suffer dramatically.


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