Setting up a Successful Home Office Space


If you’ve taken the plunge and decided to work from home, congratulations. You’ll have more freedom and fewer commutes to contend with, heck you’ll even be able to work in your PJs if that’s your thing! Of course, working from home isn’t all PJs and extra hours in bed – you actually have to get some work done too, and that’s why it’s essential that you spend some time setting up a successful small home office space. Here are some simple tips to help you do just that:

Separate Working Life and Personal Life

If you don’t want the boundaries between working life and home life to blur -and who does? – then you really need to make an effort to separate your home office space from your living space. If you have a spare room available, this is really easy, but if you don’t, it could be more challenging. You could section off a small area of the kitchen or living room for working, but that could be tough if you have kids, or you could consider building your own small office in the garden, if you have one. As you can see from these armstrong steel buildings reviews, erecting a steel building is a practical and affordable solution that will give you the space you need to work uninterrupted.

Invest in Comfy Furniturehome office space comfy chair

You might be working from home, but you will still be working, which means that you need to invest in supportive, comfortable furniture that will minimize the effects of sitting around on your butt for eight hours every day. Check out this list of ergonomic furniture if you want to know what kinds of things you should be looking for.

Lots of Light

Having enough light in your home office space will help you to be a healthier, more productive individual. The best kind of light to have is obviously natural light, so if you can position yourself near to a window, that would be great. Otherwise, you will need to install the kind of bulbs that mimic natural light if you want to stay happy and alert during the working week.

Get Your Own Phone Line

home office space phoneYour kids might be cute, but the last thing you want is for them to pick up and start babbling to an important client – it hardly looks professional –  and cell phones aren’t always reliable, so call in the phone company and have them install an additional business line just for you.

You might also want to consider having your own internet connection installed if you require constant access and you have kids or other family members who spend a lot of time online.

Install Storage Units and Get a System

When you work from home, it’s so easy to get disorganized and lose important papers, or simply start to be buried under the sheer amount of paperwork you have lying around. That’s why you should invest in some good quality shelving or filing cabinets, and why you should actually use them! File everything away when you’ve finished with it, and you’ll always be ready for action.

What does your home office space look like?



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