Simple Ways To Make Your New Hire Feel Welcome


The first day of a new job; it’s daunting, right?

This is something you are bound to be familiar with yourself, and you might want to use your experiences, be they good or bad, to shape the way you welcome a new employee into your business. Hopefully, they will then feel welcome, and consequently, happy to stay with you for the long-term.

Still, we have a few pointers in this article that might be useful to you if you need a little guidance.

Here are some simple ways to make your new hire feel welcome.

#1: Be Prepared For Them

Imagine the discomfort your new employee will feel when he or she enters your workplace, only to see you scrambling around trying to look for a desk for them, as well as those vital pieces of equipment that they will need for their job. And imagine the way they might feel if they have nothing to do, because a work schedule hasn’t been set up, or because the paperwork they need to complete hasn’t been organised.

Therefore, get ready for their first day. Prepare a workstation for them with the tools they need to get started and have a simple schedule in place to ease them into their roles. Consider choosing the best onboarding software too, as this will both make your employees life easier when they step into their new role and will make your life easier too, as you won’t have to micromanage your new hire. 

#2: Assign Your New Hire A Mentor

A mentor can act as a point of contact for your new hire if they need help, and it also gives them a friendly face to ease them into their first day at work. The mentor can give your new hire a tour of your workplace, introduce them to other staff members, and perhaps provide training in key areas of your business.

Of course, you can take on some of these tasks yourself, but considering your busyness, you might not always have time to be there for every facet of your new hires first week at work. Ensure the person you appoint as a mentor has time in their schedule, and perhaps delegate some of their responsibilities so they can focus their attention on the needs of your new employee.

#3: Arrange A Time To Meet With Your New Employee

You should do this on the first day, so before your new employee leaves to go home, make sure you give them the benefit of your time to find out how they are settling in. If they are having any problems, you should then be able to solve them, and this will give your employee peace of mind when they are thinking about their second day at work.

You should also make time for your new employee throughout the week, especially towards the end, as they might have further questions for you that their mentor wasn’t able to answer. This will let your new hire know that you care for how they are doing and will give them confidence in you as an employer. 


Your new hire will feel less stressed about their first week at work if you follow the steps we have suggested, and they will be less likely to hand in their notice after only a few days if they feel welcome. Consider what we have said then, and if you have any further tips for our readers, be sure to share them with us.


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