Six Benefits To Being In The Cloud


There used to be a time that every office relied on a local server to run their operations. Most offices still do have a local server as a backup, but now, local businesses are running on the cloud. 

Cloud computing is the way of the future and it’s ever increasing and expanding. Businesses are being transformed due to the benefits of cloud computing, and it’s turned into the most efficient and effective way to run a company and store data. It’s now so ingrained in our day to day lives, that even our washing machines and refrigerators are using it to run!

The challenges that used to present themselves with the cloud have declined as we better adapt to this new technology, with offices installing the right software to continue to remain on the cloud with their company data! You can save yourself time, money and resources when you put your business onto the cloud, so let’s have a look at six benefits for using it.

New Software

When you use SaaS, all of the latest software that is needed to run the business is available to customers as soon as released. So, new upgrades to Office 365 and other software programs mean that people can be more productive. On top of this, the software upgrades are done regularly enough that people are rather impressed with the upgrade frequency, rather than wait for updates once a year.

Eliminate Waste

Cloud computing being implemented means that companies can reduce the size of their data centers. This can even mean that some companies eliminate their data centers altogether, reducing waste into the environment and significantly reducing the costs of software. All of this happens without impacting the IT capabilities of your business.

Always-On Business

Most cloud services maintain an uptime of 99.99%. This means that the connection to the business is always on as long as workers are connected to the internet. This allows your staff to get to the applications that they need wherever they are. 

Pay As You Need

With cloud computing, you can pay for what you need as you need it. Companies only need to commission the infrastructure and serve as they need it, which means that more capacity can be paid for when it’s needed most, then “put away” when no longer required. This makes your business more efficient and prevents you from having space left idle.

Better Mobility

With cloud computing being so flexible, it can be used anywhere – even on the go. Data and applications were once only able to be used in a business office, but cloud computing is allowing companies to go remote, giving their staff better flexibility in their daily lives and the ability to work out of the office environment.

Better Collaboration

Virtual meetings are more available than ever and cloud computing can allow inter-office meetings over video chat and shared applications in a way that has never happened before. This leads to improved customer service and better product development, too.

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