Small Ways To Honour A Loved One


One of the hardest parts of life will always be losing a loved one and saying goodbye to them. As we grow older we are more likely to lose the people around us as they grow older, and coming to terms with this can be a difficult task. 

However when a loved one does pass away, the best thing you can do is honour their memory and allow their legacy to live on. Today we want to talk about just a few of the ways you can remember a loved one and honour them this year. 

Have a wake 

A celebration of the life of a loved one is one of the best ways to say goodbye properly and remember them. Consider holding a wake alongside your funeral ceremony where people who knew the deceased can come and celebrate the best parts of their life. Share stories, play their favourite songs, and enjoy making the most of their memory for an afternoon or an evening. Saying goodbye in this way can be magical and very poignant – and it will stick with you for years to come. 

Decorate the grave 

If you have buried your loved one at your local cemetery it is important to decorate the space and make it personal to ensure that the legacy of your loved one goes on. Aside from grave markers for cemeteries , you can consider adding flowers in a vase and even adding a photo of your loved one to the mix. There are lots of brilliant grave decorations you can buy to place on the spot your loved one is, so that whenever someone visits they will be reminded of how wonderful the person is. 

Scatter ashes in their favourite place 

For those who have had their loved one cremated – the biggest honour you can do for them is scatter their ashes in the place they love more in the world. It is a great idea to gather the ones closest to your loved one and enjoy a day out visiting the spot they want to be scattered. You can say a few words and say a toast to your loved one before allowing them to forever rest in their favourite place. 

Have a cushion made 

There are many ways to remember someone you love long after they are gone but not many of them are physical things you can hold and touch. Consider getting one of your favourite pieces of their clothing and getting a cushion made from this. Whenever you cuddle up to the cushion it will smell like them and it will feel as if you are hugging them. 

Share their stories 

Your loved one will have done a lot during their lives and it is important not to let these stories die along with them when they go. Be sure to share stories of your loved one to your own children and to others to keep their memory alive for generations. It will be a magical way to keep their spirit going on and on for years to come. 

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