So You’ve Got A Life Changing Idea! Now Let’s Send It To Market


Once you’ve been struck with that inspirational idea to create a life changing product you’re going to want it on the market as soon as possible. There’s a lot that goes into making a new product from scratch and it all depends on what exactly your idea consists of but rest assured when there’s a will there’s a way and you could be making a profit before the years out. Here’s a couple of areas you’ll  want to be thinking about when you’re just starting out.

Manufacturing Your Product

You can only sell an idea for so long. Pretty soon you’ll need a product. It’s going to be trial and error in the beginning until you’ve nailed down the specifics. When you’re first starting out making everything in your garage at home is going to be a great place to start but you may find that your quickly running out of space. You may need to convert it from a factory to an office.

There are companies out there who want to help. If you can’t put everything together at home or the vast amount of work needed to mass produce your product has become too much of a burden then you may need to outsource. Check out the APPF website for more information on building your product out of just about any material.

Generating Sales

Sending your product to market is like letting your child go to school for the first time. Your going to wish you were more prepared but it’s essential for growth. Getting the best results all depends on what school you decide to send your child too. Breaking into the biggest market place will be difficult and you may need to have generated sales previously to prove that your product can compete successfully.

A great idea is to gather as much information about your product as you can before you send it into the real world. You can do this by dipping your feet in the water. Let people test it out first and utilise their feedback. Make your product stronger and better by listening to the facts and research.



If you’re short of cash or have next to nothing in your budget left for marketing then don’t worry. Getting online to advertise products has never been easier. You’re right to have spend most of your money focus and efforts on making your product the best it can be first. Once you’ve got a winning formula it will literally sells itself and your customers will come to you.

But they can’t come if they don’t know about it. Rack up some followers on social media with regular posts. Start a blog and let people know who you are and what you’re all about. People will be more invested if they can follow the journey of your product. So share your ideas online and let the world know. Just make sure you copyright them first or you’ll be helping out your competition.

It will remain an idea in your head until you take that first leap of faith. Once you’ve done the research trust yourself and go with your gut.



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