Sourcing the Right Talent for Your Business


Talented employees are difficult to come by. Most people will apply to your job applications just because they want a job—not a career. This is often because you’ll post your job openings on general websites that attract a large pool of people, and this can include both talented and untalented individuals. If you’re serious about building a team of knowledgeable and hard-working employees, then you’ll need to update your employment strategy. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few tips that will give you a competitive edge when looking for new employees to flesh out your company.

Training Interns to Become Valued Staff

The first method is to hire interns and train them to be valued members of your company. Interns are often fresh out of college or university which makes them hungry for success. More often than not, the fact that someone is willing to apply to your business as an intern means they’re willing to learn and potential start a career with you. These are the types of employees that you want in your business. The ones that are willing to learn, are open to suggestions and are willing to work for slightly less as they learn the ropes of what it means to work in your industry.

Recruiting Talented Workers

Talented workers are difficult to find—but that’s only when they come to you. Instead of waiting for people to apply, why not actively looking using something like an executive search that will guarantee you a hard-working and knowledgeable employee? This costs more than the typical hiring process, but you’ll be able to connect with experienced individuals who have been in the industry for many years and have the resume to show it.

Outsourcing Your Work

If you only need a new employee for a temporary job or a highly-specialized role, then consider outsourcing instead. Outsourcing is a fantastic way to save money (most of the time) and it involves using external help in order to bolster your company. It helps to improve your company’s focus and workflow without having to go through an extended recruitment and trial process. While their skills won’t be on the level of executives, they are all screened by the outsourcing company and are guaranteed to possess the skills that you need. The alternative is to look for freelancers, but most freelancers specialize in creative tasks such as design or content creation whereas outsourcing could cover everything from cloud management to accounting.

Utilizing Social Media

And lastly, you can utilize social media to help you recruit. Heavy (and responsible) use of social media can get your company name out there. Instead of waiting for job openings, people will see that you’re successful on social media and will use those channels to approach you about job offerings or contracts. For example, you might have a freelancer designer contact you on social media offering to upgrade your business logo and website, or a writer may approach you if you run a news section on your site that they think they can improve on.

In short, update your recruitment methods to these modern examples and you’ll have a much easier time sourcing talent.


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