Spotting the Signs of Mental Illness in Others


Mental illnesses are serious, there is no denying that. They produce serious symptoms and they produce serious consequences for those that are unfortunate enough to have to suffer with and through them. In fact, it is not just those that suffer with mental illnesses personally that are the only ones impacted by mental illness; no, the family members and friends of those personally affected are themselves impacted by it, too. Yes, that means you could be impacted by mental illness even without having to suffer with it yourself. But, you can cut down on the likelihood of this happening by simply looking out for and spotting the signs of mental illness in those closest to you. For advice on how to do so, make sure to read on.

Look Out For Sudden Changes In Thoughts And Behaviors

Sudden changes in the way someone acts are never a positive sign in regards to most things, to be honest. It almost certainly means something for the worse has happened, or is happening, to induce this change. And, sudden changes in regards to another person’s thoughts and behaviors should ring alarm bells in your head and tell you that something may not be right in regards to their mental health.

These changes include: mood swings that swing from high to low notably quickly and easily, an increase in worrying and fears becoming excessive, very dramatic changes in eating and sleeping habits and a withdrawal from social groups. If you were to witness any of these changes in a person close to you, or in any person at all, then make sure not to brush them off as nothing. Make sure you take note of them, a serious note of them, and make sure you act quickly in having this person properly and professionally tended to in regards to their mental health. To find more warning signs and symptoms to look out for, make sure to check out this article.

Look Out For Substance Abuse

Substance abuse, especially a sharp and sudden increase in it, is most certainly a telltale sign of mental illness. In fact, it is a sign of a specific strand of mental illness, dual diagnosis.

Doctors have coined the term dual diagnosis to describe somebody who suffers with mental health issues and partakes in substance abuse. So, if you were to see somebody abusing substances, even alcohol, then you must not deem it as nothing and you must not brush it off as just being a fad or a way to release stress. It is serious. Substances can intensify the symptoms of mental illness and make them ten times worse; they can drive a person to suicidal thoughts like nothing else.

So, before it gets to the point where hospitalization is required, make sure that you nip the substance abuse you see your family member or friend partaking in in the bud; also, make sure to refer them to professionals in the field, such as this facility that deals with dual diagnosis treatment specifically. By doing so, you will more than likely save a life.

Mental illness is serious — more serious than just having a mental block from time to time — and it is not only serious for those who are personally afflicted with it, either. It can impact you, too, even when you are deemed to have a clean bill of mental health through the way it can take a hold of your family and friends. So, for both theirs and your sake, make sure you know how to spot the signs of mental health in others, and make sure you know how to act upon them when you do.


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