Do Spy Gadgets Make Your Life More Secure?


It always struck me with amaze when I found all those advertisings of new spy gadget coming out over the net. Those hidden camera, eavesdropping, tracking device are so innovatively added to simply a pen, watch, glasses, T-shirts, button, key ring and so on. It is kind of creepy even to think of it that we are living a work with such kind of stuff so highly accessible everywhere online.

Let me ask, how many of you believe that your life is quite secure from the privacy prying gadgets. I suppose most would give the positive answer just like I do. You possibly think so because you are neither celebrity nor James Bond kind of people. Or probably you hold the theory of ordinary people don’t deal with much hi tech related situation, or so. It is no denying that we are leading a life that technology has brought vast benefits in every area. But does this make it a little price to pay that to bear the fact that increasing crimes are conducted with help of hi tech equipment. The example is like hidden cameras around the ATM machine, office, car or even home. Bank details, personal privacy, business confidential info are frequently the targets, which can be made use of to bring benefit.

When you start to feel uneasy about the possibility of being secretly listened to or watched over, the progress of spy technology will not leave you helpless. Things like bug detector, camera finder, signal jammer just come along with spy eavesdropping and videotaping equipment such from For instance, when there is a new generation of hidden camera being released out there, claimed with more function, smaller size, better hidden than ever feature, there possibly will be another detector coming out soon after that, claiming to be able to locate “any” tiny gadget within detecting scope. If you happen to notice the new, you will be at a total loss since to well-matched situation in strength. What is fun is, both the products are probably from the same manufacturers in most cases. If there is a visible combat between the spy and anti spy device, the winner is the producer of the both the gadget here.

The contradictory situation is obvious so much so that we are very likely to be confused what are the original purposes of all that. No matter the spy camera or the wireless jammer are typically ruled as illegal objects. Although all are claimed to be invented for security, the situation of abuse would soon make it notorious. Some may argue that, if a man hurt someone with knife, the knife is not to blame. But that is not convincing in the case we concerned.

The truth is, we do face a great challenge of privacy protection, which even the latest anti-spy gadget won’t even be enough to secure. The battles just go round after round and we take the risk all time.

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