Start Costing Not Only In Cash, But In Time


An essential part of running a successful business is finding the convincing price point that works for both you and your customers or clients. But money isn’t the only resource that people are becoming a lot more careful about how they spend it. Your customers’ time matters, as well. If you waste it, then you’re going to find it much harder to hold onto them as time goes on.

Keep It Simple

One of the most time-sensitive phases of your relationship with the potential client or customer is right at the beginning. Businesses all over are starting to realize that they key to an effective brand is one that gets right to the point. Keep your branding simple, make it easy for customers to understand exactly what you offer and what value it offers them. This goes further with how you approach potential leads, too. Listen to them, but don’t spend all your time fishing for more details. You have to be bold, tell them you think you can offer them and adjust the pitch depending on what they state their needs to be.

Keep It Moving

Whether it’s managing a single transaction or carrying out a longer-term service for a customer, how efficiently you can work will make an obvious difference to how much they will have to wait. Improving your productivity with business processes must always be a concern. Automating and simplifying processes with software helps you get a lot more done in the day. Not only will it keep customers waiting less, but you can get more done per day which can mean a real increase in profits.

Keep It Convenient

When interacting directly with the customer, how convenient are your services really? Will they have to wait for slow payment systems or have to fish for forms of payment they don’t prefer because you’re not using a card scanner? Similarly, if you’re a tradesman or a service provider, can you whip up an estimate in no time thanks to a standardized approach to pricing or will your customer be left hanging for an answer? Whatever you can do to remove steps or to hasten phases of the relationship for them, you should do it.

Keep It Responsive

You might very well busy, but you should never be so busy that you can’t get back to customers that have queries. Making time in intervals for customer service is essential. Become more agile and flexible so not only can you answer quicker, but you can find the changes you could make to keep customers happy and invested in the moment. If you’re providing a service, never leave the customer waiting for a progress report. Keep them in the loop when you’re moving from one phase to another.

From now on, don’t let your customers be the only ones who get annoyed by wasted time. You need to get angry at it as well. The methods of stamping it out are going to differ on what exactly your business offers. But you can find the ways to streamline things easily.


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