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No matter how much you enjoy your daily dealings in the world of business there must be times when you could use a little help. It may be related to those pesky travel arrangements or perhaps your expenses are a weak link in your business ‘armor’.

We all have a particular aspect of day to day activities that we would rather steer clear of. Sadly those details are usually the difference between make or break, but there is some good news just around the corner!

We have recently looked at a few business apps that are available from the Apple store, and they pretty much cover all of those darn details that we love to hate. Please read the rest of this article for some information about these great business apps.

Siri Virtual: Personal Assistant – Free

business apps

This business app is a very slick piece of software for sure, because it can do almost as much as a human personal assistant and will not cost you one red cent!  Siri Virtual has the ability to book you a cab, relay the latest movie details at your local cinema and will even remind you to buy some flowers for your partner’s birthday!

There is a mine of useful information and the navigation is absolute child’s play. Apple paid a small fortune to own rights to this application and that spells volumes to us. You will probably fall in love with Siri Virtual, but remember to keep her a secret from your real life partner!

Siri Information Page

Evernote: Note Taking – Free

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This free business app is a godsend for those of us who have an overactive mind. Instead of scribbling these thoughts down on paper, you can simply record your thoughts into your Apple smartphone. It will probably a few trees over the year and is a lot easier to track than those messy post-it notes. Simply open up Evernote the next time a brilliant idea comes into your hard, or just use it to remind yourself to record that oh so important sports game on television!

[appstore id=”281796108″]

Cisco WebEx: Virtual Meeting – Free

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This business app is already a mega hit with project managers all over the globe, so why don’t you already have it? This is also a favorite for CEO’s that are constantly on the move. Use Cisco WebEx to sync up with your business colleagues at the touch of the screen. You simply link up with the latest appointment and you are instantly in the loop again.

There are slides, voice applications and a host of useful extras that make this the next best thing to being there. In fact some individuals prefer this interface as you cut down on the small talk and get right to it. We love this app, and the fact that it is backed by those network geniuses at Cisco make it a no brainer for your next business app. It comes to you as a totally free app, and we still can’t work out why everyone isn’t in on this secret?

[appstore id=”298844386″]

Time For Change?


We hope that you will agree that these apps are all pretty unique. Why not add them to your business arsenal and snap them up straight away?

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