Is Your Store Welcoming Enough To Your Customers?


There are plenty of articles and blog posts out there on the internet about how to entice customers into your store. How to engage with them on social media, how to reach the top of the Google search, and how to use your brand to generate the most interest are all well-covered topics online. And, of course, these are all incredibly important things that need to be covered. But they do fail to ask one very important question: what next?

What comes after the moment when your customers finally walk through the doors of your store. After all, there’s no point bringing customers in if you can’t keep them there and encourage them to actually engage with your business. Here are a few things that will help you do just that.

Visual Merchandising

The first thing any customer does when they enter a store is to look around. If you can create an environment that is visually engaging to a customer, then you’re doomed from the very start. Of course, this isn’t just about making the place look nice, though that is a significant part of it. It’s also a matter of creating a store that is clearly laid out and easy to understand. If customers have to spend hours searching for that one specific product that they really want, then they’re going to lose patience with your store pretty quickly.

Appeal To The Other Senses

Looking around might be a customer’s first conscious act when they step through the door, but there are actually a whole other set of factors influencing how they feel about your store without them even noticing. One of those things is their sense of smell. If your store doesn’t have a pleasant smell to it, then your customer is going to pick up on that, whether they realize it or not. Luckily there are a lot of places like where you can find the best possible scent to make your store as inviting as possible.

The second thing that can influence your customers is their hearing. Just about every store can benefit from having music pumped through the speakers, and you should think carefully about what kind music works for your business. After all, if you’re running a store that is based entirely on things crafted by hand with an eye to tradition and heritage, then blasting electro-house through the speakers isn’t exactly going to fit, is it? It’s not just important that you’re playing music that your customers will enjoy, but that you’re using music that fits your brand and, in all likelihood, the tastes of your customers as well.

Create an inviting and engaging space for customers isn’t always easy, but it certainly is worth spending the extra time and money on. If you can make your customers feel comfortable and welcoming, then they’re that much more likely to create positive associations with your business which leads them to come back time and time again, as well as recommending your business to their friends and family.


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