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It’s often during the first quarter of a new year when people take stock of their life and make changes. Reflecting on your current situation can be quite cathartic, especially if you approach the process in a systematic way. Grab yourself a blank piece of paper and jot down all aspects of your current situation, then jot down how you would love your life to look like. Once you see everything in black and white you will be able to make plans on how to achieve your dream lifestyle.

As much of our lives are spent at “work” you may find that your work situation is one of the main areas you wish to change. Often our career is something we just “fell into” after leaving school, you may be excellent at math, but does a career in accountancy really float your boat, or would you rather teach water sports to disadvantaged children?

Of course it’s important to follow a career pathway which is in demand, discovering a career with prospects which you love is the key. In a rapidly changing job market it’s important to stay ahead of the game by being aware of what the next “big thing” is, so that you can adapt your skills and qualifications accordingly.

It may be that you are happy in your current career choice, but feel stuck in a rut. Perhaps your skills only enable you to progress to a certain level within your sector. If this is the case it would be worth looking into one of the many training options available.Online options are often a good choice such as a Masters in computer science , which will allow you to update your qualifications, whilst still working in your current role.

The remainder of this article aims to highlight careers which are currently in demand. Read on for inspiration.


Nursing is a career which will always be in demand. There will always be people who need nursing care and with the population living much longer, the demand is set to only increase as time passes. If you enjoy working with people and enjoy variety in your work, nursing may be a good career option for you.

There are so many ways to develop your career as a nurse and there are a number of specialist areas to diversify into once you have gained your qualification. Nursing is certainly a career with prospects, but it can be demanding. Nurses have always been considered as low paid and this is correct to a certain degree, however pay does increase as your career develops.

Biomedical Engineer

If you wish to work within the health care sector, but your skills lie in engineering, perhaps you can combine the two by becoming a biomedical engineer. This is a fast growing area and is where the fields of healthcare and engineering meet in order to develop ways of incorporating technology into treatment and diagnostic equipment for treating disease and health conditions.

If you have a strong science background and enjoy working in a fast paced environment, biomedical engineering would be a lucrative and exciting career choice.

Structural Engineer

Staying in the engineering vein, structural engineers are also in demand. Structural engineers use their technology and creative skills to shape our world. So many skills are used as a structural engineer and the career also enables you to utilise creativity as will as technology.

The job prospects for a suitably qualified structural engineer are excellent. You will require a degree in structural or civil engineering primarily, then you will be able to branch out into sectors which interest you.


Accountancy is a traditional career choice with staying power. Prospects for accountants are excellent and you can choose to work within a range of industries once qualified. There are many people choosing to work on a self employed basis in the current job market, all requiring the skills of an accountant. You could opt to work within a large accountancy firm, or set up your own practice.

Building Trade

The building trade took a huge hit during the recession, however the construction industry is now experiencing a resurgence. New building projects properties are springing up wherever you look. All these building projects require suitably experienced tradespeople, surveyors and estimators – there is however a huge shortfall.

Qualified tradespeople are in huge demand and there is plenty of potential to develop a lucrative career. You could opt to train as a builder, joiner, electrician, decorator or plumber, there are now women entering the field of construction, which is fantastic.

Personal Trainer

If you love sport, people and staying fit becoming a personal trainer could be a great career choice. An aging population means that staying fit and healthy for longer is at the top of most people’s priorities. Motivation or a lack of it can often hamper a person’s ability to stick to a healthy lifestyle, which is where a personal trainer comes in.

A personal trainer develops fitness plans, around the individual and provides coaching and support. Be prepared for early mornings and you will need lots of energy and stamina, but what a rewarding way to earn a living!


There is a demand for skilled workers in all areas of IT. Computers along with accompanying software is found in just about the whole populations homes and workplaces. It is a necessity for businesses to have IT systems in place to conduct sales, communicate, maintain security, store files and take payments.

It is also advisable for businesses to have a strong online presence which requires good SEO. If you have a talent or interest in IT, your skills will be in demand, it is essential however to stay “current by ensuring your skills remain up to date.

This is a tiny snapshot of career sectors which are currently in demand. When making your choices ensure you don’t deviate from your plan of how you would love your working life to be. Ensure you are passionate and interested in your career choice as this will enable you to feel fulfilled and happy with your life.


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