Superdad: Helping Your Child Deal With Their Student Debt


Sending your child off to college is a proud moment for every parent that gets to experience it. You wave them away to a bright future full of great career prospects. Having said that, there’s always one negative thought nagging away at your mind as you see them leave; the cost of college education.

It’s no secret that tuition fees and college costs are staggeringly high. Even if you’ve saved loads of money to prepare for their college education, it likely won’t be enough to cover them until they graduate. As a result, your child will leave college with a shiny new degree and a mountain of student debt.

As parents, what can we do to help them deal with this debt before it takes over their lives and becomes a serious financial burden? Here are some ideas you might want to think about:

Make Payments To Reduce The Loan

There’s every chance you’ll have a lot more money than a child just coming out of college. If you’re wealthy enough, you can afford to pay off a huge chunk of their student debt. Some parents are lucky enough to be able to do this and greatly reduce the loan. The less money your child has to pay, the easier it is for them, and the lower the interest rates will be. Alternatively, you could make small monthly payments to eat away at the loan alongside your child’s own repayments.

Help Them Apply For A Debt Consolidation Loan

Another idea is to help them look for assistance elsewhere, in the form of a different type of loan. Getting a loan to help pay off a loan doesn’t sound effective, but debt consolidation loans are designed to do just that. As it mentions on, the best time to get one of these loans is if your child has student debt payable to different organizations or institutions.

You can help them go through the application process and fill everything out correctly to get a loan that will pay off all their student debts and consolidate them into a more manageable loan with better interest rates.

Try And Find Them A Job

A lot of college graduates have a tough time finding a job right out of college. As someone with years of working experience, you may be in a position to help your child find their feet. Call around some of your business contacts and see if you can find them a job to start in and earn some money. By earning money, they can start paying off their loan. It’s much easier to manage debt when you have money coming in, compared to when you’re struggling with no job.

As it says on, 70% of college graduates end up in debt. There’s every chance your child will join this statistic when they finish their education. But, being the great dad that you are, you can help them handle this situation. Be active in helping them, even if it’s by sitting with them to fill in a loan application, or finding them a job.


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