Outsourcing To Correct Your Work-Life Balance

The work and life balance is a hard one to maintain even if you don’t own a business. But when your company is your responsibility, when deadlines and employees rely on you, it can be so difficult to separate yourself from your work. And it’s just not healthy. You need to know when it’s time

Make Time For Your Loved Ones In 2018

When a nurse in palliative care asked those on their dying beds what their regrets in life had been, their answers were recorded, and they made the headlines a few years ago. These were not surprising, but to some healthy individuals, they served as a wake-up call on how they should go about living their

The Art Of Balance As A Work From Home Dad

When you’re a dad that works from home, it’s hard to really find a balance. You can read up on different techniques and tactics until your heart’s content, but sometimes, you’ll find that some of the more intense ideas just aren’t all that practical. Because it’s one thing being a freelancer when you’re a bit

Balancing Small Business and A Sick Child

balance small business sick child

It’s never easy balancing work and family life as a small business owner.  This becomes even more true when you work a full time job and have a small business on the side.  You must take care of your day job because that pays the mortgage and you must also keep your clients happy from