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Technology – it is addictive for children, it is not suitable for writing skills, it stops them from communicating correctly, they don’t play anymore.

Technology – it speeds up the learning process, it allows children to experience tools they’ll use in the workplace, it introduces a new layer to learning, it’s fun.

Technology – when applied correctly to a learning or home setting, you have full control over how and when your children use it.

The fact is that no matter your opinion on technology and childhood, more schools and employing iPads, learning and examination software, and teaching tools. It allows teachers to get a much deeper insight into their classes abilities, they can alter the software to the level of the child. It is allowing schools to send photos and updates for parents with things like Class Dojo, or Marvellous Me. 

Technology in the classroom is preparing students for the world ahead of them. There are very few careers that don’t use technology in everything that they do. So let’s look at how tech can improve the learning experience and in fact, make things better for the school too, learn more here.


Yes, there was a certain joy about heading to the library and borrowing one of the books you need. You would spend hours pouring over the details and extracting the information that you needed. However, in a school setting, students can access a cloud that will have all of the assignments and projects preloaded – and supporting materials. 

Then once at home, they can delve deeper into the topic. Of course, you’ll need to explain or at least make them aware that they should stick to academic journals and verified expert pages. 

They can do more research in a short amount of time, and this will make doing projects faster – with more detail. 


While there will always be a place for a written exam, the ability to assess hundreds of students and simply look at the scores is amazing. Tests are becoming more common in schools now, and that is due to this software availability and the increase in competition for university places, careers, and funding for schools. Teachers can quickly get a more profound sense of where their students are currently in their learning process. 

The assessments are often fun, and because of its highly tuned scoring system and programming, it will clearly define the next steps for the student. Meaning that the gaps that might’ve remained in traditional teaching will no longer be there. 


Do you ever remember sitting in a class or meeting and it was simply so boring you found yourself yawning? Once the class was over, you realized that actually, you hadn’t taken in a single word. Imagine now that the class had been fun and engaging. That it was interactive and immersive. 

Computers and tablets combined with learning software has meant that students are having more fun while learning, and due to that will be happy to work on the same subject over and over. Before they know it, they have mastered a concept. 

Technology, like most things, when appropriately applied makes a positive impact.


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