The Bad And Good Of Hotel WiFi


Below, we are going to enlighten you to the good and bad of hotel WiFi, including…

Best – The room for profit is evident

One of the best things about hotel WiFi solutions is that they have become evident money-making solutions. Companies like can help you implement this. When hotel WiFi first came onto the scene there was a sceptical feeling surrounding whether this is something that would actually result in a lot of profit. Nevertheless, both paid and free hotel WiFi solutions seem to be bringing the money in. Based on average figures the profit generated from hotel WiFi in one year actually far exceeds the cost of installation and the yearly maintenance fee. Once the first year is out of the way you will then begin to really see your profits soar. This is because hotel WiFi does not only make money because people pay to use it (in the instances that access is granted upon pay for of course) but it is also a massive marketing opportunity and will lead to a higher volume of sales as result.

Worst – Misunderstanding the correlation between your customer and whether you ought to be going for paid or free hotel WiFi solutions

One of the biggest mistakes being made by hotel owners is the fact that they are misunderstanding their customer base in relation to the hotel WiFi solutions they should be offering. For instance, there are budget hotels that are actually charging their clients for the use of the internet. This completely conflicts with the ‘budget’ element of your hotel. Luxury hotels tend to charge for internet access. Nevertheless, the best thing to do is provide a rewards scheme for loyal customers. This is something most hotels have in place already. Thus, incorporate internet access into the loyalty scheme you are offering. Free internet access for loyal consumers works well.

Best – Marketing campaigns are receiving a real boost from hotel WiFi

Nowadays business marketing is all about integration; using all your different platforms and mingling them together in order to create the bigger effect. This is something hotel WiFi does. Its relationship with social media is a prime example of this. Hotel WiFi solutions maximise the effect of social media through the option of logging into the WiFi via Facebook or Twitter. Nevertheless, this is not the only reason why hotel WiFi becomes integral to company’s marketing campaigns. You can also incorporate your logo and branding through the interface. In addition to this, WiFi provides you with another way of reaching your customers with promotions, offers and events. If you have a deal going on in the hotel restaurant you can let your customers know. If there is an event going on at the weekend, again you can promote this. This is in turn one of the main reasons why profit from hotel WiFi solutions is high. 

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