The Benefits Of Metal Forming


If you are looking deeper into the manufacturing process of your business this year, there are many new terms and ideas you will need to come across. You’ll learn about the different types of machinery for manufacturing, some forming techniques, and even packaging, but today we are talking about metal forming.

Metal forming is a process where metal sheets are fabricated for a number of different uses. It could be used inside a circuit, in an appliance or inside the walls of a building. The best precision sheet metal fabrication is a useful part of the manufacturing process, and here are some of the benefits it can bring to your business.

Roll Forming

Roll forming is a popular type of metal forming which is often used for the construction of metal tubes and cables. It is a great tool to use when you have metal that needs to be formed into complex cross-sections, and it has a very fast production rate for your business.

Stretch Forming

Stretch forming is a type of forming which is better for lower quantities but it can be used for producing larger parts out of metal which has shallow contours. It is useful for construction and is a helpful tool to have for larger projects and even aviation.


Metal stamping can include anything from punching holes into a sheet of metal, creating ridges, embossing a design onto the material and making coins. It is a type of forming which is used often for a variety of different products and is a process which allows for a lot of diversity in your needs. It allows for low labor costs and big production so is ideal for fast-moving production lines where things need to be produced quickly.


Spinning allows you to make parts which are symmetrical and which are able to spin, as the name suggests. It will often be used for the formation of springs for parts and even outdoor ornaments which spin on demand, it is a costly type of forming which can be difficult to maintain.

Superplastic Forming

Superplastic forming is often used for complex shapes and ones which require a very fine detail to manage. If you are looking for the manufacture of machine parts or intricate circuits this is the type of forming you will want to use. It is however very expensive due to the sheer precision involved in the process.

Explosive Forming

This type of metal forming is often used to create fairly large sheets of metal which are axisymmetric. It is suitable for a lower quantity of production and is perfect for projects such as making vehicles and large banners or structures. The biggest benefit of this type of forming is the low cost it gives in relation to the job.

There are many different types of metal forming which you can use instead of welding, and it is certainly a type of manufacturing which you should consider adding to your operations process this year.


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