The Easiest Ways To Boost Productivity


Hiring staff for the first time when expanding any business is daunting. You need to ensure that you construct a cohesive and happy team that work together in the most productive way possible for the good of your startup. Going from a work at home individual to a full blown money making venture with staff and commercial premises is quite the leap.

However, this is necessary if you are to expand and grow your company. While you can be a productive individual, it is up to you to facilitate this same feeling in your staff. They need to buy into your business vision and care about the company that they work for. Take a look at the sorts of things that you can do as an employer to ensure productivity is always at the max.


If you head into work every morning only to see a sea of yawning faces that look morose and down, the chances are the beige carpet tiles and individual desktop booths simply aren’t cutting it. You need to foster a physical environment that is inspiring and conducive to teamwork. Get rid of the desktop booths and swap these for collaborative meeting pods. Try to enhance the chances of water cooler moments by having an open plan office.

Whip out the white paint and put some artwork up to inspire your team. With a more modern and brighter office space, your workforce will have their morale boosted. Have some greenery in the office and ask your staff what sort of decor they would like. By asking their opinion, you are showing that their opinions and views are valued.


Ensure that you are open and honest with your staff. Don’t be one of those bosses who remain cooped up in their office all day, only to become something of a myth on the shop floor. Get out there, talk to your staff and get to know them. You might not want to hear about little Jack’s first nativity, but knowing that he exists shows your staff that you care about them as people, not just workers.

Send out a weekly email name checking those people who have gone above and beyond in their work. This little bit of praise boosts individuals and show them that you value their impact. Because you care, they will care and will be more eager to produce exceptional work and be efficient in their practices.

Be Flexible

As an employer, embracing flexible working can be hugely beneficial to your workforce. So long as the work gets done and to a high standard, it doesn’t matter whether this is completed in the office, at home or in a coffee shop.

Empower your team to work from home by utilizing enhanced communications like those offered by VOS. Having Skype, WebEx or unified communications at your disposal means your team can be virtually anywhere in the world but you can still hold a remote meeting. Allowing your team the freedom to complete their work how they wish inspires them to be productive.

Follow this guide and you will soon find your staff being more productive than ever before.


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