The Hidden Risks Of Being Injured At Work


The most obvious and immediate risks of a workplace accident or injury are those to your health and safety. However, your troubles might not end even once you’re out of the hospital. Here, we’re going to look at some of the deeper and longer-lasting impacts that you should be prepared for in the event you have an accident.

The Financial Consequences

In the event of an accident at the workplace, most will be covered by workers’ compensation. However, if the employer is found to not be at fault, or you’re waiting for a claim to go through, the costs can still be severe enough to land you in debt.

This is especially true of an injury following a hospital stay if you’re not fit to return to work for some time. Having an emergency plan ready to roll out is crucial. This includes informing your creditors, asking for a mortgage break, and seeking financial compensation where it applies.

Making A Misstep In Your Claim

One of the reasons that you might be waiting a long time for a workers’ compensation claim is that many employers will make mistakes during the claims process that can delay the result they need, if not earning them an outright rejection.

When making a claim, speed and attention to detail are key. Not documenting the details and having all the evidence at hand, including medical records, can slow the process significantly. Even more seriously, insurance providers can’t process a claim until the employer takes the steps they need in time. If you are injured, you need to work with the employer to make sure they’re taking the steps they should be.

You May Have To Prepare For A Fight

For injuries that result in a disability, you may have to rely on long-term disability insurance rather than workers’ compensation. However, many of these companies have a history of denying claims with little legal justification.

Some workers have had an Unum claim denied because the company hasn’t provided prompt and fair settlements or failed to classify claimants as disabled under nebulous terms. Many insurance providers have had these issues, so if you’re working with them, it’s wise to consider that you may face a denial and need legal help to right the wrong.

The Stress Of Adjustment

As you might imagine, the financial and legal hurdles mentioned above can be stressful enough on their own. However, following a serious injury and being put out of work, the stress of sudden disability can be a huge challenge all on its own.

Besides the physical treatments and changes made to your life, you also have to consider the emotional impact and the need for assistance. Whether it’s from a counsellor, therapist, or support group, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.

Workplace accidents and injuries are complicated. Legally, financially, and emotionally, they can be minefields of risk. If you’re involved in an accident at work, being prepared for the impacts and some of the solutions available can help you mitigate at least some of the stress.


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