The Impact of Technology on Small Business


Small businesses do rely on technology to be able to run the business on a daily basis. Small businesses require technology like laptops to help them to get emails, order, and a website up and running, as well as using the internet for storage and using web-based applications. Though that is just the start, and different technologies will be required for different industries and requirements; as small business owners we have so many technological advances to be grateful for. 

Technology could also impact small business in a number of positive ways, all depending on what the business is and what they use it for, as well as how well individuals and teams use it too. If you look at a business like Umbrella Managed Systems, you will see just how important IT consulting is in different sectors, especially when you need something innovative, secure, and some very reliable technology. So here are some of the other ways that technology can make a difference to small business; are you using yours as much as you could?

Share and Collaborate

Small businesses work alongside clients to help them to get the services or products out they need, want, or that will actually go a long way to helping them in their life. But going from just having an idea to then having a finished product or a complete service will need small business owners to be able to collaborate with each other, and with external contractors. Being able to email and message helps so much with communication, and is really beneficial. You can also use a variety of apps and software to help you to stay on track or monitor the progress of a project, in real time. As a small business owner this means that there is up-to-date information available in one place, no matter where they are.  

Flexible Working

If there was one advantage that has come from the coronavirus pandemic, is that it has shown to business owners just what technology is needed in order for people to be able to work from home and keep the business running remotely. Technology helps small businesses to be able to work from  anywhere in the world, and hire from anywhere in the world, helping them to choose the real talent that is needed to grow and boost the business. 

Connection With Customers

Small business owners don’t need to have to send out customer service questionnaires out in the mail, or send out emails to an online survey (although they can still do that). Likewise, customers can quickly get in touch with you for feedback or for any queries that they have. Having instant access with social media sites, blogs, and other forums, you can get pretty much instant feedback on something, which can be a huge benefit to your business and making changes, in such a changing and varied world. When you don’t have to wait for long, it can mean changes are implemented much quicker than they might have been otherwise.

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