Top 5 Business Android Apps You Must Have


Android has been one of the leading innovators in the world of technology. Their products and apps are geared towards making the world of business easier to manage. What makes the products all the more convenient is the fact that they are not limited to the computer. Here are the top 5 biz android apps for both computers and mobile phones.

1: Quickoffice pro
The over 400million users of this app are an indication that this is one of the most trusted mobile office suite for business professionals. This app helps you create edit and share Microsoft office files .In addition to this, there is a file manager feature. You can use it to access and share files. Quickoffice pro is one of the easiest ways to create and share files on your mobile phones. With this app, you can comfortably take your business everywhere you go.

2: PocketCloud Remote RDP/VNC
Did you know it is possible to access your Microsoft windows or Mac OS from your mobile phone? Well, this is exactly what PocketCloud remote helps you do. With mobile phones such as the android smartphones, it is possible to access files that are on your PC from the mobile phone. Provided that you are in a place where there is connectivity, you can securely access your files from any remote location. This app has a commendable user interface and allows for easy multitasking.

3: TouchDown
This app helps you manage your time and activities better. It syncs tasks such as calendars and email. It is very secure as there is data encryption provided by S/MIME feature. The messages that you send or receive will be secure and you can lock the functions that are sensitive using a pincode.

4: Call Reminder Notes
Business usually involves a lot of communication and there are times that some information might slip your mind. With the call reminder notes, once a number calls your cellphone, notes will be displayed on your screen regarding the last phone calls you had and the details of what you talked about. The notes are created and assigned to different contacts in the mobile phones. In addition to that, there is an amazing call back alarm that will remind you about specific dates in communication. The always on button will allow notes to be displayed every time there is a call.

5: CamCard
This is one of the quickest and most convenient ways of storing the details of your business friends and associates. All you need to do is take a picture of the business cards you want to store. The camcard scans the picture and stores all the important detail about it. The information will then be stored in the card holder or among the contacts of your mobile phones. In case you delete this app accidentally, it is possible to restore it.

Those are the top 5 business apps for android. They are really easy to use and convenient for the mobile phones. With these apps, it is possible to take your business wherever you go and manage it better.

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