Top 5 Financial Apps for Entrepreneurs


Everyone has a financial plan. And it’s good to have one too, as it helps you to keep your income and expenditures on track, so that you can focus more on savings. When it comes to entrepreneurs, bookkeeping and accounting become even more important as every penny only adds more value.

However, it’s also quite easy to lose track of this financial plan when you don’t have constant figures in front of you stating where all and how exactly your money is being spent. When you are self-employed, you can lose sight of just how much money you’ve earned in a month, and end up in a fix.

However, you can turn to your smartphone to help you manage your earnings much easier, all thanks to these financial management apps. You can use them to understand how much money you make, how to save it and invest it wisely.

1. RetailMeNot
If you like to shop and save money while shopping, this app is an absolute must-have for you. The popular online coupon platform is now available in the form of an app, and gives you access to coupons, get to know about shopping deals, and save offers to use them at a later date. You can also choose to receive alerts and more deals when you are close to areas such as malls, shops etc.

2. SplashMoney
This is a comprehensive finance manager on the go, which helps you keep a record of all your investments and other savings. It will give you a consolidated idea of exactly how much money you have in all your accounts, and even alert you about any of your deposits that are about to mature.

As an entrepreneur, time is of the essence, and if you travel often, you probably don’t have too much time to sit down and manage your finances on your computer. But with SplashMoney, financial planning becomes far more convenient.

3. Jumsoft Money
Slightly easier to use than SplashMoney, this one lets you create a budget for yourself, and also program recurring bills. Money transfer between accounts is easy, and you can keep track of every penny being spent. Plus, you can create multiple accounts using the same app and manage even your spouse’s finances on your own.

4. CashFlow
Taking convenience one-step ahead, this app keeps you aware of all your transactions from bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards etc. There is a running balance available for you to keep a track of your money, and you can even record your daily cash receipts along with accessing your ATM balance easily.

YNAB or ‘You Need A Budget’ is the perfect app for an entrepreneur whose main concern is fluctuating monthly income. A budget is essential for every individual, but its significance is magnified if you are self-employed.

This app coaches you with the help of courses to manage your finances better and live debt-free. Blogs and daily posts provide real life case studies to teach you by example on how to save better, making it your ideal financial management coach.

With the help of these apps, you can not only save money but also identify possible savings opportunities for the future as well. Plus, the apps that act as overall finance managers are great especially if like to live by budgets and want to save and grow their money through careful investments.

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