Top 5 Free Mobile Apps to Follow Financial News On The Go


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You don’t have to stay chained to your desk to keep up with Australia’s latest financial news. News apps have been around for a while now, but some Australians haven’t taken advantage of all that their mobile devices have to offer for free. The next time you leave your home, take your mobile and these apps with you:

Australian Finance News

Download Australian Finance News on Google Play. Unlike many other apps, this application consolidates news from many different sources rather than acting as an outlet for a specific news organization. You’ll get today’s top headlines, breaking news, the latest finance news, investment commentary, international news, market data and stock quotes, and ASX investor updates and videos.

By combining several news sources into this one single app, you won’t have to shuffle through multiple apps to find what you’re looking for. That’ll keep clutter on your device down, and make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

CNNMoney on the Go

Cable News Network (CNN) may be headquartered in the U.S., but it delivers news around the world. Want to know what’s happening in your neck of the woods? How about in Britain? CNN will give you the financial news you want, in whatever corner of the world you want.

Bloomberg for Mobile

Bloomberg is one of the most well-respected financial new organizations in the world. It also makes up fully one-third of the $16 billion global financial data market. In other words, you would be foolish not to check out Bloomberg’s news every so often. The mobile app gives you the same news that’s available on the full site, except that it’s optimized for mobile devices. Bloomberg’s news includes updates across the major equity indices, futures, commodities, bonds & currencies.

BBC For Mobile

BBC News is another one of the most trusted news networks in the world. Financial news is updated in real-time, and you get access to the same news stories available on While BBC isn’t strictly a financial news company, it will help you to keep tabs on the economies around the world and will provide you with a different perspective on financial news than you might get from other companies like Bloomberg or CNN.

ABC for Mobile

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports on the news not only in Australia but all over the world. This mobile app gives you the power of in the palm of your hand. Keep up with the economy in the U.S., Great Britain, India, and China all at once. This app also allows you to download video bulletins via 3G and WiFi, but be careful. The streaming function may use up a lot of your bandwidth for the month. ABC officially reports downloads use between 116MB to 313MB of data per hour on your plan, while the innovative streaming radio uses up to 21MB in 60 minutes.

Don’t Choose Just One

Even if you have a favorite news app, it’s a good idea to get several different perspectives. You may be surprised at the difference between CNN and BBC. Likewise, it’s wise to explore financial news outside of Australia since world events might affect you, your investments, or even something as simple as a vacation.

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