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When people think of apps for e-commerce sites, they automatically think of things to install shopping carts, things to add new widgets, and things to help them advertise. What people forget is that those things are only one side of the coin (one part of the e-commerce sales process).

The other side, besides the transactions themselves, is market research. It is about finding out what the consumer wants and then giving it to them. It is about looking online yourself in the guise of a customer, and trying to see what they see. Here are four apps to help you do just that. Plus, there is an app for helping you check your Adsense too (all AdSense owners love checking their earnings).

1 – Polldaddy

This is an app for the iPhone and iPad. It allows you to conduct surveys, through which you can do your market research. Some people think that just because their business is run via a website, that the rules of customer targeting and research do not apply to them. They think it is all about keywords and being ranked on search engines. This app will help the shrewd businessperson to conduct usable research that may be applied to his/her marketing campaign.

You may gain access to live data from customers by creating ways of allowing the customers to give feedback and answer questions. The information may be downloaded onto a desktop computer for further analysis. The good thing is that open-ended questions and feedback has the capacity to change your entire business model. The suggestion from just one person may completely change the way you do business.

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2 – Redbox

This is an app for the iPhone and the Android. It is ideal for people who run a games or DVD e-commerce site. Not only is it full of DVD covers and game covers that you can copy and use (legally too if they are the standard DVD/Game covers), but it is also loaded with prices and descriptions that you can use. Instead of going to rotten Tomatoes for your descriptions (the website where DVDs are reviewed by nitwits), you may use this app to see what RedBox says about the movie.

To avoid any Google penalties, you should re-write the movie and game descriptions you copy. Added to which you may also check out the most current DVD and game prices. This is especially handy if you sell secondhand games or DVDs, because if you are able to sell secondhand, newer releases for the same prices that RedBox allows people to rent them for, then you are automatically on a winner.

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3 – Best Buy

This is an app for the Android and iPhone. It allows the e-commerce site owner to do two things. Firstly, he/she may purchase items at their best rates. Whether he/she needs a new PC or just a new Internet dongle, this site will help him/her get the best deal.

Secondly, a savvy e-commerce site owner can use this website to help set his/her own prices. It is actually a very good research tool, and gives you an idea of how much people are willing to pay for certain items. If the e-commerce site owner is able to beat the prices, then he/she is going to be able to pull sales from the type of consumer who does a lot or research prior to purchasing. The e-commerce site owner can target the people who would have otherwise bought from the Best Buy app.

The app is also teaming with product descriptions and keywords that you can copy, rewrite and use yourself.

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4 – IAdSense

This is an app for the iPhone and iPad and is an app that all true e-commerce lovers are addicted to. Making money online can sometimes be difficult, especially when trying to run an e-commerce website. This is why AdSense is such a good thing for struggling online entrepreneurs. It allows the website owner to top up his or her monthly profits, and all he/she has to do is host adverts.

The adverts are clicked, and the e-commerce site owner gets a few extra dollars per month. All online e-commerce site owners soon become mildly addicted to checking their AdSense accounts to see how much free money they have earned. With this app, the website owner can check his or her earnings with the click of an app. It even has a currency converter for if your website runs in more than one country.

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5 – Yelp

Here is another great research tool. It is an online directory that features a lot of businesses, both online and offline. It can be used as a research tool in two ways. As an e-commerce trader, you may take a look to see who your competitors are. Unlike a Google search, you are able to narrow down your search to a very local area. You may see which businesses are in competition with you, and may see just how close they are.

On the other hand, if you are an e-commerce site owner and you sell business-to-business, then this website can be used as your next marketing list. You gain access to the contact details of all your potential new clients. The app works for the Android, Palm, iPhone and Blackberry (sorry Windows users).

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