Top 7 Best Music Apps For Blackberry


You have bought blackberry to join the crowd on BBM. Of course it’s a great messenger to stay connected with all of your friends. But Blackberry is not limited to just messenger. There are a whole lot of other applications available in market which are not only free but will add more use to your smartphone.

There are applications to find a nearest coffee shop, scan the bar code, translating languages, play games while on move and even application to read books. Blackberry developers are constantly trying to make everyday a new application to help you ease out in your stressed life.

If you are a music lover then after reading this article, in case you haven’t still bought blackberry, you will definitely think over about it. There are so many applications from listening music to making your own MP3 tune, and even music quizzes to check your knowledge. Some of the applications are free of cost while some may require you to pay certain amount. Most of your requirements will be fulfilled with freeware apps only. Here we will discuss some of the best music apps for blackberry:

1. Pandora

This is a smartphone application which is very smart in its own. Once you have entered your choice of song or artist, it will automatically create its own playlist which will have all kind of music of your choice. It has choice from old to latest song from all category, jazz, hip-hop, classical. You can also rate each song and based on your feedback it will update the playlist.

2. Shazam

This is an application which has best memory. Many a times we listen to a song on streets and don’t exactly remember which one is it. Switch on Shazam and keep the phone near to the music, within 15 seconds it will tell you the exact song and musician.

3. MP3 Ringtone creator

You can create your own ringtones with its help. Choose some song from playlist and then tweak it with the features available on this app and make your style statement on your mobile. It is a paid application.

4. TuneWiki

It has a huge data of songs with their lyrics. While a song is playing, the lyrics will float in the bottom of the screen. You can also see the list of top 50 numbers which people are listening all over the world.

5. Nobex Radio

This app lets you go through all the radio stations and then choose the one with your favourite number playing. You can also share the song you are listening to with your friends on facebook with just a click. You can also get updates on sports, news or weather with it.

6. Mobiola xPlayer Lite

It is the simplest and excellent application to just relax and play the songs from your playlist. You can also watch fullscreen videos with it.

7. iheartRadio

As the name suggests it connects to almost 750 radio stations across America. You can easily search for station by entering the name and listen to live music. You can bookmark your favourite stations for ease of selection every time. Keep your status updated on facebook with it.

Author Information: Nancy Rorie is a PC games freak who loves to buy new gadgets at wholesale prices.

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