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There is nothing better than a free app (except for a really good paid one). Apple has never been big on free apps, but over the last few years they seem to have changed direction a little bit. This may be because they now have over 700,000 apps available, so their money making potential is massive, or it may be because free apps with advertising on them is now big business. Whatever the reason, there are now some very nice free apps for the iPad apps. So, here are eight good ones that you can use if you are in business.

1 – Adobe Ideas

This is an editor that allows you to draw little sketches. It is a graphical editor that suits the needs of a great many business persons and academics. The problem that many people face is that not everything fits into neat little textual lines. Equations always appear harder to read when they are written in lines, and things such as mind maps look terrible. This app allows you to create sketches in order to express your ideas or to write equations, and it also allows you to do it on a linear scale so that you can make it look neat.

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2 – Jetbook Lite

This is actually a directory of private planes. It is an interactive app showing you some of the private planes that are for sale at the moment. You can see videos of the interior and see HD images of your next corporate plane.  A nice iPad app for the company CEO.

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3 – iBooks

This is a great iPad app for keeping lots and lots of e-books close to you at all times. It is great for keeping not only PDF books, but also e-magazines and digital documents. As a business person you can use it to store books to read on the train, or to keep your documents on so that you can read them at your leisure. You can even use the app during meetings in order to show people certain chapters in books that you feel are relevant to the meeting, to your ideas, or to the company as a whole.

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4 – Skype

This is a popular service at the moment, even though the service is not even as good as it could be. Nevertheless, its superior competitors are not as good at marketing, which may be why you can find this app prominently in the iPad app store.
It is free to use and install, and it allows you to chat online with other people. It also allows you to send IM messages and see other people as you talk to them. It is especially good for making online calls to foreign countries.

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5 – Yammer

This app allows you to create a closed network. It means that you can talk to people online, but only a limited and select few. It is a nice way of communicating socially with business contacts, but also a nice way of maintaining a secure conversation. For example, you could suggest that your staff all install the app so that you can contact them whenever you like over this closed network that has the feel of a social network.

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6 – Wunderlist

This is a business planning tool. It is a little like a scheduling app that has been mixed with a to-do list app. It is a nice little planning app for both daily tasks and weekly tasks. You are given a little business space where you can use the user-friendly interface to create lists and then put them into categories and assign deadlines. You can also synchronize your app lists with your calendar, and you can link your lists to related information and other business, staff and customer links.

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7 – Dropbox

This is an iPad app that allows you to store your documents or reports. It is good for things such as photos and videos too. There are lots of different things you are able to save with this app by uploading or downloading items to your iPad. This app is free for use, and has a had a massive amount of money invested into it in order to improve the service and increase security so that you need not worry too much about your files getting loose.

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