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iPhones cost a lot of money, which is why they are targets for thieves and people who are jealous of you. That is why giving your children such expensive gadgets is not always a great idea. If you think you may have a problem with phone theft then consider one of the anti-theft apps listed below.


This is a paid anti-theft app where you have to pay a subscription in order to use it correctly. It mixes the GPS on your phone along with Geolocation so that you can find your phone easily. It also does really cool stuff such as taking photos with the front camera so that you can get a look at the ugly mug who stole your phone.

The app also has another cool trick. Once you have reported it missing to the device, it will start an alarm call. This will sound like an alarm that you have set on the phone. The thief will try to turn the alarm off. When the thief does, it will take a photo of the thief and send it to you. You can try the test mode too which will give you an idea of how it works.

Prey Anti-Theft

This is a free app that allows you to locate your iPhone or iPad easily. You can register three on one account and it may be used to find them on a map. It is an open-source program which means that the app is free to start with. But, it also means that you can buy upgrade for it from different sources. Registration happens before the theft so that you can confirm that the device is yours. You then find your device using your Windows or Mac computer.

This is a great device because it keeps a log of where your phone has been. This is invaluable if your phone has gone to a friend’s house who has then gone and sold it on to someone else. It helps you to identify who the thief really is because many times the phone is sold on to an innocent victim. Other apps will just show you where the innocent victim is, but this app allows you to see how it got to the innocent victims house. In an effort to keep things private, this app starts recording information after you have reported the phone missing.

SecureIT Anti-Theft

This is a free app that helps you locate your phone after it has been stolen. It will remote message the phone or send alerts, and it is able to track where your phone is. The plan for the free version is basic, but if you are a concerned parent then you can purchase the upgrade and add parental controls, web security and monitor activity on the phone too. It is hard to set it up, which is why you are better off using the free version. The free version also has documentation for the Android but not for the iPhone, so you will have to use the Android instructions and then guess as to what to do next on your installation. If you do get it up and running, then you will find the mapping function very accurate to the point where you can narrow the location down to a single house (which is something that other phones trackers have trouble doing).

Find My iPhone

This is a free anti-theft app that you can get for the iPad, iPad and iPhone. With this app you may locate your phone, lock your phone remotely and even wipe the phone remotely if you know it has fallen into the hands of someone else. You can use one Apple device to locate another, or you can log onto your app via your Apple Mac and locate your phone with that. If you have Windows 7 or 8, then you can use the iCloud Control Panel and locate, lock or wipe your phone that way.

There is also a function that allows you to locate your phone with a loud tone that plays for two minutes. Set off the tone and it will bypass your volume controls and your silent settings. It will play for two minutes so you have ample time to find your phone. The only way it will not help you is if your phone has been turned off, as it cannot override the phone being turned off. The tracking function will allow you to see where your phone is on the map. If it is in a location that it should not be, then you can lock it. Or, you can lock it right away and then start worrying about locating it afterwards.

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