Top iPhone Apps for Small Businesses


Your smartphone is a vital tool to help you stay on top of your start-up. To help you be more productive, here are the top iPhone apps for your small business.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

WebEx is a useful program that lets you conduct meetings even when speaking with someone on the other corner of the globe. It’s even more useful as an iPhone app, which lets you hold web meetings anywhere. Like the regular WebEx application, its iPhone app lets you start your own meeting, join a WebEx meeting through e-mail or chat privately with other participants. Don’t leave home without it.

QuickBooks Online

Have you ever tried QuickBooks Online? It’s a nifty online accounting service that lets you check your credit card balance, prepare balance sheet reports, create budgets, generate report orders and make e-mail invoices, among other features. Since QuickBooks now has a mobile version for the iPhone, you can now do those same functions even when not in your office.

MiniBooks for FreshBooks

Using FreshBooks to measure billing hours or sending statements to your clients? Then try MiniBooks for the iPhone. It gives you the same useful functions even while you’re on the go.


If you haven’t heard by now, Skype is a business essential because pretty much everyone you know is using it. Skype is even more useful on the iPhone because you can make video and voice calls for free over a Wi-Fi connection.


Taking notes is important, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a business magnate. But sometimes, it’s hard to make sense of these notes especially when you can’t recall the context. Evernote lets you take any kind of note, whether it’s a text reminder, a webpage, or even an excerpt from a webpage. The Evernote iPhone app makes it the definitive version since you can make notes about anything, anyplace.

Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader

Keeping track of receipts can be a pain because they tend to get lost. But with Shoeboxed, you can just snap a photo of your business expense receipt, archive it, and then make an expense report out of the data captured from the image you took.


Your smartphone may do wonders, but it’s still no match for your Mac or PC. Luckily, LogMeIn lets you remotely access your computer and run your desktop programs straight from your iPhone. All you need to do is download the app on your iPhone and computer, then create an account. So even if you forgot to sync your iPhone, you can still access your vital business documents.


What do you do if your client wants to pay you using his credit card during a meeting or while you’re at a job site? You run GoPayment on your iPhone, that’s what. Just don’t forget to bring your mobile card reader, which plugs into your iPhone’s audio jack.

Dragon Dictation

Want a free and accurate speech-to-text dictation app? Try Dragon Dictation. It transcribes whatever you say, and is said to be five times faster than typing on the keyboard. Just take note that you need to be connected to Wi-Fi or 3G for it to work because the speech recognition is processed in the app developer’s servers.

Documents To Go – Office Suite

Your iPhone may be able to open Microsoft Office documents, but you can’t make or edit them. If you want that function on your iPhone, get Documents To Go. Depending on the edition you download, the app lets you make and edit your own PowerPoint presentations in different Office versions, and view and edit files in Google Docs.

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