Top Reasons To Give Your Staff iPads


Want to make your office a happier and more productive place, boost your profits and increase your reputation? It’s easy – give your staff iPads!

It might sound like a rather simplistic solution to end all your woes, and of course I am using a little hyperbole here to make my point. But at the same time handing out iPads really can make a big difference in a lot of businesses and have a huge number of different advantages. Here we’ll look at a few of the most compelling arguments and at just why you should consider giving away iPads.

It’s Nice

One of the first and best reasons to give away iPads is simply that it’s something your staff will no doubt love. iPads aren’t just productivity tools, and not even necessarily predominantly productivity tools. They’re also a lot of fun, and can be highly entertaining as well as being highly impressive from a status perspective so your staff will love having them. If you give them away free then, your staff are no doubt going to be highly grateful and feel very warmly toward management – which may in turn mean they work harder and say more kind things about your business. This is a great way to get them on your side.

It Boosts Your Reputation

As I just mentioned, iPads are status symbols and are considered a premium piece of technology that are expensive and slick. If your staff pull them out then, then this will be a great way to impress a client or a potential business partner and will make your business look generous, successful and tech savvy – in other words it’s a great way to boost your reputation.

They’re Useful

At the same time iPads are also actually highly useful. For one they are highly portable (particularly the new iPad Minis) and a great way to work on the move without having to carry a heavy laptop. Because they feature ‘instant on’ this means that if your staff wants to use their iPad they only have to pull them out and press a single button – no loading times and no crashing means more productivity at the end of the day.

At the same time though what really sets iPads apart even more is the fact that they’re so glossy and intuitive. The large icons, crisp definition and touch interface means you can give one of these to your Gran and she’ll know what to do with it. For interacting with clients this makes an iPad the perfect tool that your staff can use to show off your work or portfolio or to allow the client to browse through your website.

You can also use iPads in a number of other ways for these reasons – whether that means leaving one in your waiting room for guests to mess about with, or even integrating them into your commercial property to act as a self service kiosk or an interactive work surface. Then there is the benefit of having Face Time as a way to stay in touch with your staff and carry out remote business meetings and in short they’re incredibly useful devices.

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