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When you are running your own business there are lots of things to take care of and they take a massive amount of time, effort and hard work. It is easy for your employees to think that you have the easy ride and that you are making your money off of their hard work. It is difficult for them to understand that when they clock out at the end of their shift you will most likely have a few more work hours ahead of you. This is what can often lead to the situation when employees abuse their privileges.

One of the largest costs you might encounter is the cost of issuing mobile phones to employees and this cost can escalate if it turns out that your employees are abusing the phone for their own personal calls. Another big money burner is when employees are not being productive because they are spending their work time when doing nothing. However, thankfully with the help of cell phone tracking apps you will be in a position to combat both of these issues.

With the call, message and email tracking functions offered by such apps it is easy for you to monitor the communications made by your employees without their knowledge. This allows you to pinpoint whether or not your employees are making personal calls and sending personal messages on your company’s dollar! You are able both to check call logs and listen in on calls, along with this you can record these as documented evidence to use in disciplinary procedures. In addition to these features, you can also use GPS tracking to make sure that when your employees are telling you that they are out on business related field visits, they are really where they say and not just relaxing at home while you pay them. Your employee need never know that you are monitoring them, but some employers do choose to divulge the information as this can be enough to keep employees in line.

Of course, in an ideal world all employees would be hard working and punctual which would negate the need for this kind of monitoring. However, that is not the case in the real world and in the world of business all employers must do whatever is necessary to protect their best interests. From time to time that may include using something like mobile tracking apps to monitor your employees’ cell phones in order to keep a tight control over both productivity and mobile phone use which could be burning a hole in your profit margins. Mobile spy apps are able to offer us the opportunity to take control and detect those employees who are more of a liability than an asset to our businesses.

Mobile spy apps are not just for business users. They also have many other uses including checking up on your teenagers, keeping your kids safe from cyber bullies and even catching out a cheating husband or wife!

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