How to Travel for Business Abroad


International business travel can be quite a bit trickier than domestic travel. The biggest difference is that you have to plan differently when it’s for business. The last thing you’d want, for example, is to be stuck without a place to stay because you forgot to book your corporate housing in Los Angeles.

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to get ready for international business travel.

Know Before You Go

Check Your Passport. Then Check Again.

You can’t go anywhere internationally without your passport, so don’t forget to check its status. Make sure you have at least 6 months until your passport expires and that you have 2-4 blank pages left. Additionally, make sure your work has you covered with all the necessary visas so you can breeze through Immigration.

Share Your Trip Plans

Give your friends or family a copy of your travel itinerary during any trips you have upcoming. It’s very important for someone to know where you are when traveling abroad and can be reached if something were to go awry.

Learn The Local Culture

It might be a good idea to learn a bit about the local culture before you arrive, especially their customs. A few key phrases in the local language also make the experience abroad easier and more enjoyable.

Once You Arrive

Bring or Get Cash

Not every country uses credit or debit cards as much as the US, so make sure you bring some of the local currency in cash with you. You can also change over currency at the airport, where exchange rates are usually the most fair.

Learn About Your Area

When you first check in, ask for a map and a business card so that you don’t get lost. If you do, you can ask people where your hotel is with the card.

Prepare an Emergency Plan

If something goes wrong, you’ll want to have a Plan B in place. Make sure you know where to find international evacuation and medical assistance, as well as who you should contact in the case of an emergency.

Eat Smart

Some countries might have different standards for cleanliness when it comes to food and beverage. Be smart about what you eat and drink from, and do some research ahead of time about the standards of hygiene surrounding food.

Apply for Global Entry

Immigration can be a pain for people coming back into the U.S. Apply for Global Entry to speed through the immigration and customs process.


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