Un-Wire Your Business Phone System


Whether you have an inbound or an outbound call center, the right phone system can make or break your business. You no longer have to have a land line system and can take advantage of an enterprise communication system and get rid of your wires. Free up your workers and let them move around the office taking calls as they come in from wherever they are.

Voice Response Options
Having a voice response unit that will help with your calls keeps your customers’ aggravation level down. You can have them set up to send calls to the proper department or even to the right person within the department. This saves on having to have a receptionist routing calls and keeps your customers happy. Calls are not routed to the wrong place on accident, they go where the customer tells them to go. If you have an outbound call center, having voice response saves on the number of calls that will never go to a sale. The unit lets the customer know what the call is about, if they hang up an operator does not have to waste time placing the call and being hung up on.

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Wireless Phones
When you have a wireless phone set up, workers can take the phone with them on breaks or to other offices. Another advantage you can look into is the ability to sign into the phone system from remote places. Any device that can connect to the Internet can be used to access your phone system. This works great for employees out of town on business or when they need to stay home. Work can still get done.

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More than Just a Phone System
An enterprise communication system can integrate a Cloud system, instant messaging and web conferencing. All types of communications can be used and accessed over the Internet. Set up virtual meetings either through voice communications or a video chat. You can keep everyone informed of what is going on as it is happening. Workers can log in on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Once your system is up and running there will be no excuse for anyone to not know something.

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Making it Work for You
No matter what your communication needs are, you can have the same things on a wireless system that you can have on a wired one. In fact, the ability for people to be on the system no matter where they are is one thing you can have with a wireless system you can’t have with a wired one. Pick and choose the features you want and adapt things for your business. Integrate email, test messaging and video calls all into one platform.

Keep all lines of communication open when you have a wireless phone system. You will see how much more business gets done, how your customers appreciate being able to contact you and how your employees feel they are informed and up-to-date. It is not hard to make the switch and you will be happy you did.

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