Unique – What Does It Mean & How Should You Use It?


Unique – it’s a word which is often prized in innovative business presentations. It’s something which every new business leader hopes to be recognized as. It’s a trait common in all new inventions of import. Luckily, depending on who you are and how you conduct your business, you may or may not have made full use of this term and understood it’s depth.

You’re in the right place to learn, because we have collated and explored information regarding this term, it’s uses, and how it can fit into a wide array of business applications.

Without further ado:

Unique Means Singular Interest

If you are unique, that means you are able to offer something your competition can’t. This is a natural and non-offensive form of monopoly. For example, all southern fried chicken tastes great, but something about the secretive spices and herbs combination has made Kentucky Fried Chicken one of the most popular and international fast food restaurants. To become unique, you must innovate, and research into developing your ideas. You need to read the market, read what the consumers are crying out for, and try to satiate that within the parameters of your business interest.

With the right offering, your business can boom overnight, as consumers are shrewd and sharp about new products or services worth their time entering the scene.

Unique Means Personal Customer Engagement

Unique is a word that also applies to the way you approach and treat your customers or clients. How you deal with their support queries, how important you consider their business, and how pleasant you arrange their whole experience with your brand will all contribute to how valued they feel. A customer wants to feel like they are the most important customer, no matter how much business they do with your firm. Of course you can’t know everyone by name and develop a deep friendship with everyone who buys a product from you, but you can facilitate their experience in such a way that they feel pleasantly engaged with.

A great place to start would be revising your telephone support script. Allow your support workers some personality in the way they deal with requests, instead of following a select script. A script should be more of a guideline to help pursue the right solution. Encourage your support workers to adopt a friendly persona, and allow them to treat every consumer with importance. They will know how to do this, as people default to a friendly and affable persona on the phone. Relax the amount of necessary support calls they must answer on their select shift, as this will give them the opportunity to treat the calls they do get with quality.

Allow your customer to open accounts online they can purchase with, and give them VIP promotions based on loyalty to your firm. Anything to reward those who enjoy extended time with your business.

Unique Means Bringing Your Own Flavor

Your own personal method of doing things helps dignify and separate your brand from the rest. This could be through personalized business implements, such as custom uniforms, name badges, or custom sale receipts. It could be designing a logo that truly is yours, one which evades the generic logo formation that many small businesses use. It could be defining a select color palette that defines your brand.

For example, Coca Cola uses the eye-catching white, red and black combination. Branding in this way, ideally the same colors as your company logo, will give you a themed and uniform visual perspective that consumers and staff members both appreciate.

Unique Means Making Your Own Decisions

When all’s said and done, this business is YOUR business. You have the power to make certain decisions as you see fit, even if that means going against the advice or tide of shareholders or staff. If you truly believe that you can make the grade with your risk, then you have every right to pursue in that direction. Well informed leaps of faith and committing to a personal vision craft some of the most important and respectable success stories.

Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys produced almost the entire sonic soundscape of Pet Sounds before the lyrics were added, and his fellow band members had no idea what to make of it initially, even refusing to commit. Pet Sounds is now considered one of the most revolutionary pop-rock records of all time, and it still holds up in its beauty today. Who’s to say your well-informed vision couldn’t do the same?

With these tips, your unique vision, experience, branding and decision-making process should all benefit you and inform each other perfectly.


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