Waiting Room Blues


I’m taking a break from my usual posts here to write a personal blog post.  I think this may be the first time I’ve done this and hopefully everyone will not run for the proverbial doors.  Anyway, today I was waiting in the hospital waiting room to see my mom.  She had emergency surgery the other day and is now in ICU.  I showed up to visit her but I timed it wrong and the nurses were in a shift change.  They wouldn’t let me back so I had to wait 1.5 hours in the waiting room for the next visitation time.

What to do??  Well, I checked my email and returned a few business emails.  Then I returned a few personal text messages.  That killed 15 minutes.  Next I played a few games.  I played one of my favorite games, Clash of Clans.  I’ve become addicted to this game as of late and it never gets boring.  Next I checked out everyone else in the waiting room…that was fun.

I’ve done posts before on how to kill time.  I once looked at how to kill time at the airport.  So there are tons of options when it comes to finding things to do in a waiting room.  So as I sat in the hospital waiting room I began to surf social media sites then I decided to try my luck at winning some money in an online casino.  I decided to try Casino UK, which is one of the top rated mobile casino sites out there.  But, unfortunately, because I’m in the United States, I’m not allowed to play in any of the online casinos.  So the folks in the UK get to have all of the fun.

At this point I still had 45 minutes to kill and taking a nap wasn’t an option.  So next I thought how I could use this time to create material for this blog.  I found a nice little voice notes app and began dictating this post.    It worked pretty well so now I have something constructive to do while in the waiting room.  My mom will be in the hospital for a couple more weeks…so I’ll have plenty of time to make voice notes and play games and do anything else I can to kill time.

So, do you have a preferred way to kill time while waiting at a hospital?



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