What To Buy The Father-in-Law


He’s not into DIY, football leaves him cold and he can take or leave a classic car. What do you get the father or father-in-law who has everything? It’s quite a quandary and one we face year on year as Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas continue to roll around.

But this year, you’re going to pull it out the bag with a gift that has it all, something classic, something timeless that is everything he wants, even if he didn’t know it yet.

Take a look at this blog and some gift ideas that will appeal to even the most hard-to-buy for dad.

Retro Gaming

We’re not talking the original Super Nintendo or PlayStation, we’re going way, way back further into the dawn of gaming time.

If your dad is into games then how about choosing something from a list of classic arcade machines. This present is going to catapult you into the big time and set the bar for every birthday from here on in, so be prepared for disappointment every year after you hand this one over.

Surprise him by installing it in his garage and challenge him to a post-lunch match when you call around on Father’s Day. You’ll be the most popular kid on the block.

The Beer Bouquet

The idea of giving your dad flowers feels very unappealing and you’re not even sure he’d find it funny, but a beer bouquet? Now we’re getting somewhere. It’s pretty easy to makeand just needs to include a selection of his favourite beers presented in a way that’s going to make him look twice.

He might not think it’s as funny as you do but you’ll know he gets it when you’re sharing a drink together.

Speaking of Beverages

Your dad’s house always has that comforting aroma of fresh coffee, so maybe make that coffee making experience even better for him with a state-of-the-art machine. He’ll enjoy working with you to get it all set up and be delighted he can create cappuccinos and lattes alongside his standard long blacks.

You’ll be getting so many coffees you may need to present him with a bag of decaffeinated so you can get to sleep after a visit.

Family Day Out

This is going to have be all about your dad and what he likes doing. If he’s into watching planes, then you’re heading there with him and packing the Thermos for the journey.

This is about spending time with each other, so if it feels more comfortable to go for a great lunch or a drink then do that. Just find a reason to spend time with someone you love and let them know how great a father or father-in-law they are to you.

Buying presents is never easy so go for ones that inspire and show a personal touch. You won’t regret it and you never know, they might even let you have a go on that arcade machine after all.


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