When Injury Or Illness Prevents You From Working At Your Small Business


Most of the time, one of the reasons people start small businesses is so they can run or be heavily involved in them. However, life doesn’t always go as planned, and many people find themselves in a position where illness or injury means they cannot work at the company they have founded. Of course, this can be a tough situation to be in both psychologically and financially, but it is possible to make it through if you follow the advice below.

Don’t Panic

It can be very natural to start to panic when you’re in control of a small business, and you encounter a situation that doesn’t allow you to be as hands-on or as present as you are used to.

However, it is crucial to remember that working yourself up into a state is at best something that can hinder a speedy recovery, and at worst have some seriously negative ramifications for your business. Therefore it’s essential to take the sensible and measured action, as described below.

Do Find Someone To Take Over Your Role 

The first thing to do when you are a small business owner that is a victim of illness or injury is to find someone that can take over your role while you recover.

Obviously, this can be a difficult thing to do when you are in the midst of a personal crisis, so it’s always a good idea to have someone in mind even when things are going well. Then if the worst does happen, you will be able to hand the reins over and ensure your business interests will be taken care of.

Don’t Let Your Work Take Priority Over Your Health 

Next, when you find yourself suffering from an unexpected injury or an illness that is having an effect on your quality of life, it’s vital that you learn to prioritize your time in the right way. Essentially, this means that at the top of your list should be things that promote your recovery which may include treatment, rest, physiotherapy, and even counseling.

Prioritizing your health is essential.

Obviously, this also means that work and business related matters need to take a back seat for the duration of your recovery. Something that can be difficult for those that are used to spending a lot of time and effort running a business to do.

Do Ease The Financial Burden

One reason why allowing your business to take a back seat is so tough is because your income is likely dependent on its success. In fact, it can be incredibly difficult to give yourself a break from work and relax if you are unsure as to whether you can pay your bills.

Luckily, there are some tactics that you can use to make this sort of situation a great deal easier. In particular, it may be useful to employ a lawyer to assess whether you have a case for compensation.

Something that is common in when injuries are sustained from a vehicle accident. Happily, there are some legal teams out there that will fight your corner. Just like when Robinette Legal Group expertly handles car accident cases and help those in need get the compensation they deserve. Something that can definitely assist in alleviating the financial burden that small business owners can encounter when they are injured.

Don’t Forget That There Will Be Some Tasks That You Can Do From Home

Also, remember that the great thing about today’s business world is that many tasks don’t have to be conducted on site. In fact, you will probably find that there are many things that you can do from the comfort of your own home, and even from your sick bed if you are feeling up to the task.

For example, researching particular issues, coming up with new product ideas, and rethinking work processes can all be done off-site and then put to use when you return. Alternatively, even some simple tasks like responding to emails, checking timesheets and even and organizing your online filing system can help you feel as if you are doing something constructive, even when you can’t make it into the office for a while.

Although it does bear repeating that if these things start to get in the way of you doing what you need to recover, then you should stop and refocus immediately. After all, your health and recovery is the most important thing, and your business will ultimately flourish the most when you can return to it. Something you won’t be able to do if you endanger your recovery.

Do Look After Your Mental Health

Now for many small business owners, being away from their company for any sustained amount of time can be difficult psychologically. Add this to the strain of being ill, or injured and you can have a real problem on your hands in term of stress and worry about the unknown future.

Happily, many organizations can provide some psychological help, or you may wish to see a psychotherapist or a counselor. Both of which will be able to teach you some different methods of coping, so everything doesn’t spiral out of control, and that you end up in the best position to take back the wheel as soon as you are able.

Don’t Forget To Get Regular Updates And Meetings 

Finally, as the owner of a small business remember that you are entitled to regular updates and feedback from your employees. In fact, if you were up to it, popping into work for a meeting to check on how things are going can be a great way of putting your mind at ease as to the progress of your company.

Of course, for those times when visiting just isn’t possible there are other strategies that you can put in place as well. One may be to send a selection of questions to your second in command each week that cover the critical area of concern. They can then email you back the answer, and you can advise on the way to move forward.

Alternatively, using video calling tech as a way to maintain a presence in your business or office may also be useful. It can also provide you with the opportunity to witness things in real time, and demonstrate that you are still engaged with how your business is doing, and are still in ultimately in control, despite your current situation.


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