Who Needs Christmas Cards


Each year we get together as a family and take Christmas photos for our Christmas cards we send to friends and family.  There is also a tradition, which we don’t take part in, where you send a Christmas letter/newsletter where you update everyone with what’s happened to your family over the past year.  I think that’s pretty cool and especially if you live far away from some relatives.

So this brings me to the point here.  It’s 2013, why settle for some boring newsletter.  Let’s make a video.  The Holderness family did and the result is in the video above.

This video has gone viral and you can see why.  It’s corny, it’s well produced, it’s great.  Now, here’s the deal, the video is actually promoting their business.  The father is a news anchor and the mom is an actress.  So it really isn’t just a video to their family.  But that doesn’t change the fact that I want to make a video next year with my family.

My daughter will be 15 next Christmas…so I think we’ll have a tough time getting her to participate but I’ve got a year to work on that.  Maybe we can use some old electronic music like the Gorillaz or Daft Punk.  We could have matching outfits and sing about our past year.  It will be great and I’m sure everyone in my family will be on board (I’m a dreamer).


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