Why You Should Follow Your Interests As an Entrepreneur


There are a number of very different approaches to things like entrepreneurship and the pursuit of professional success in general, which reveal fundamentally different underlying philosophies.

One common perspective is that you should essentially ignore your “interests,” and should pay no attention at all to the idea of “passion,” or “motivation,” but should instead just pick a field that seems lucrative, and should then simply “put in the work” consistently, all other factors aside.

Although this viewpoint is pretty common, there are also some excellent reasons to think that following your interests as an entrepreneur is absolutely the better way to go.

Here are some reasons why you should follow your interests as an entrepreneur, whether that involves setting up an Ethereum wallet and getting into cryptocurrency, or creating a niche outdoor and lifestyle brand.

Because your interests and intuitions contain insights about the world that your conscious awareness misses

Intuition and the subconscious mind in general, are largely where interests and motivations arise from.

These interests and intuitions have been quite consistently downplayed, if not outright demonised, in recent times. But according to research and review by psychiatrists including Iain McGilchrist, your intuitions and interests may very likely contain insights about the world at large that your conscious awareness simply misses.

Although your intuitions can’t be relied on one hundred percent, there may well be wisdom and insight there which should not be casually discarded.

Because genuine enthusiasm and passion are some of the most important things when it comes to creativity and authenticity

There is no such thing as a straightforward formula for entrepreneurial success. You can’t just follow a clear-cut blueprint and do things “by the numbers,” in order to ensure that your business will thrive.

This is largely because the world is very complex and dynamic, and there is no way of accurately predicting all the factors that will come into play on your particular entrepreneurial journey.

A couple things are clear, however. More and more, people look for creativity and authenticity when choosing brands, products, and services to get behind.

Genuine enthusiasm and passion are some of the most important things when it comes to creativity and authenticity. You have to be really engaged, and you can’t fake it.

Because life will be a lot better, and you will be a lot more resilient, if you are actually pursuing things you find interesting

There is a famous quote attributed to Confucius which goes, “choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

What most people really want out of their professional lives isn’t so much the money and material success that they are consciously after, but really a sense of happiness, fulfilment, and purpose overall.

If you follow your interests in your entrepreneurial life, your life as a whole will almost certainly be a lot better across the board. What’s more, you’ll be a lot more resilient when confronting the hardships that do arise.

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