The Working Nomad’s Guide To Moving Offices


If you’re lucky, one day your firm will no longer be suitable for the offices you began with in its days of humility. Office expansion or relocation can occur for many different reasons. With the exception of moving after a weather or domestic disaster, moving office can generally signify good news. After all, moving onto pastures new is often accompanied by a reason to do so. This could be that your current workforce is expanding and you need more space to host everybody.

It could be that you’ve found a wonderful office space for a better deal than the one you currently are paying for. Maybe you are simply hoping to work more centrally in a city office to increase your exposure to high-value clients, setting up consulting firms in the very thick of all the daily goings on.

While these all sound like excellent ideas, you must understand that an office transition is never easy. If you’ve ever felt a little stressed when attempting to move your own home across states or even across the street, you should know that feeling will become magnified when trying to pull this working move off.

We’d like to offer the following tips, as hopefully, they’ll help you move offices with much more ease and professionalism.


Every employee should feel responsible for his or her lot. Assigning new office placements in the new building and requesting your employees take all their non-working essential items themselves, and pack up the area in their surrounding vicinity can help you take care of the micro duties, leaving you open to tackling the macro. Make sure to label essential items that you hope to move yourself, so employees know what not to pack.

IT Moving

When it comes to moving your IT networks, there are multiple variables you should keep in mind. Neglecting to manage these systems correctly could result in damage, data loss, or a hefty cost of replacement. For this reason, it’s important to bring specialists in. IT relocation projects by Prosyn are often the best way to go, as firms like these have length experience and positive track records in handling computer networks with care. You wouldn’t neglect to mention to your home removalists an item of high-value, so be sure you don’t miss that opportunity here.

Office Storage

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to move the entire bulk of an office at once. Unlike hiring a laugh U-Haul trailer for your home move, it’s likely that multiple floors of equipment will have to be transported at the new location. Unpacking and placing all of the right equipment in the right places can seem an impossible chore, so it’s important to break this process up into chunks. Hiring professional storage containers or a storage lot in a facility will help you keep your essential items under lock and key, keeping them safe from the get-go, and ready for pickup whenever you need. For such a large storage need, you may be able to negotiate a great deal with your storage facility service from a corporate perspective.

With these tips, your move is sure to be executed professionally.


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